Kevin From Work: Let’s Go To The Bathroom

The Kevin From Work episode titled “Secrets From Work” centered the entire episode on the most important place in a large office: the bathroom.

If you’re ever worked for a large company, you know that when using the restroom you may have to endure a wait. But Kevin From Work took this one step further. The bathroom line at Superior Foods and Beverages looked as though the employees were standing in line for concert tickets.

When Kevin discovers Julia’s beautiful secret executive bathroom, he shares the news with Audrey. Soon, it becomes “their place.”

Kevin From Work writers used the secret bathroom to explore Kevin’s pursuit of Audrey. He wrongly assumed the shared bathroom visits meant their relationship was moving forward. “It’s just a bathroom” Audrey reminded, setting him straight. Poor Kevin.

Kudos to the Kevin From Work writers for accomplishing something that is rarely seen on television, turning a bathroom into a hotspot. The scene where Ricky sells bathroom passes was hilarious.

A subplot in the episode found Brian questioning his feelings for Roxie. Kevin From Work is a show about relationships. Not only Kevin and Audrey’s but the characters around them. Watching these unfold weekly is what makes tuning in fun.

Kevin From Work airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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