Kevin From Work Profile: Spotlight Kevin

Remember the ’90s sitcom, Charles in Charge in which Scott Baio played a young man looking after three children?  Well, on the Kevin From Work episode titled “Birthday From Work”, Kevin was charged by Julia to look after a flock of children, namely his co-workers.

His day started off badly with the dreaded work nightmare. It was also Kevin’s birthday, information he preferred not to share with the office. When Julia has to take her cat to the hospital, she leaves the one person she knows is up to the responsibility of handling things in her absence, Kevin.

Although he is more than capable to live up to the task, since Kevin has a Type A personality, this responsibility added to his already stressful job. Having Patti temporarily getting a job at the office didn’t help matters. Remember, Patti is the person who thinks work is writing a blog about how her daddy is making her work!

When Kevin has to deal with yet again another Roxie issue, Audrey takes over the mantle. But Audrey in Charge doesn’t help lessen Kevin’s stress. The employees don’t take her seriously and stage a walk out.  The only thing that brings them back to the office is when they receive a text regarding cake (Kevin’s birthday cake to be more specific). The scenes where the employees get the text message about the cake and rush back to the office are some of the funniest on the show yet.

Kevin puts too much pressure on himself. He is a serious guy who takes his job very seriously. His personality has also made it difficult to confess his feelings to Audrey  It remains to be seen whether Kevin will loosen up and enjoy life. More like his sister Roxie.

Kevin From Work airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.


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