Liam’s Reign of Terror Ends in the Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Finale

Beauty-and-the-Beast-Vincent-and-Catherine-get-married-for-realSpoiler Alert: This article contains information from the Season 3 Finale which may not have aired yet in some regions.

Beauty and the Beast ended an exciting season with an action packed finale and a rewarding culmination to Catherine and Vincent’s love story.

Liam continues to be one step ahead of Catherine and Vincent by setting up both J.T. and Vincent to get arrested. He even puts DHS on Vincent by providing information that links him to several cold cases. Seeing no way out, Catherine and Vincent reveal his beast affliction to the DHS agents and formulate a plan to lure Liam out in the open.

The scenes that followed were classic Beauty and the Beast.  Viewers saw Vincent running for his life, getting shot and being brought back to life by J.T.

But the ruse worked and Liam kidnapped Catherine.  Throughout his time on the show, Liam has proven that he is a murderous, heartless beast. So, when Vincent arrives to rescue his soul mate, he makes Liam heartless -literally by ripping out his heart and killing him.

After DHS clears Vincent’s name by pinning the murders on Liam, Catherine, Vincent, J.T., Heather and Tess celebrate with a wedding. After three years of running from nefarious government agencies and dangerous beasts trying to kill them, Catherine and Vincent finally become husband and wife. The ceremony is especially touching as it’s newly ordained Tess who marries them.

Although Season 3 ended on a happy and positive note for Catherine and Vincent fans, many viewers may feel that the character of Liam should have remained to cause even bigger problems for them in Season 4.  Actor Jason Gedrick’s portrayal of Liam was amazing and he contributed to the show in such a short time. His Liam will definitely be missed.

Now, begins the long wait until Season 4.

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