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Ms. Negovanlis is dominating her 2015 year. Being nominated for a Shorty Award, voted #5 on AfterEllen’s top 100, and now releasing two songs!

Natasha Negovanlis, known for her role as title character on Carmilla, (an overnight YouTube web series hit) and starring as Cassie in the upcoming film Almost Adults from The Gay Women Channel. Natasha has also dropped a couple of demos on BandCamp on September 3rd. The music is written by Max Sandler and Natasha Negovanlis. Lyrics by Natasha Negovanlis. You can find the demos, like, and buy them here: Vanlis


Natasha released the news on twitter, and without surprise the response from her fans were numerous , all with excitement to finally hear her music, or ‘Deamons’ (as said by Natasha herself).

Ms. Negovanlis has a background in music, as she studied voice at the Schulich School of Music and was cast in a professional musical after deciding to pursue acting. We haven’t seen evidence of dancing abilities yet, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Negovanlis isn’t a creative triple threat.

In fact, I would classify her as a creative powerhouse. First off, her acting chops are sharp, and just recently she was nominated for a Shorty Award for her role of Carmilla. Secondly, her writing is witty and well crafted. She’s recently announced a children’s book and has written a couple of articles for AfterEllen. And, another tier of talented evidence is she’s written her own music and has created tunes electric and exposing.

The first demo released is titled ‘27‘ and starts with a wonderful piano intro. Then, Natasha’s voice appears followed by goosebumps. There is no doubt ‘27‘ will be a huge hit among fans. Especially with how captivating the lyrics are. ‘Nothing‘ was also released with much anticipation. ‘Nothing‘ was shown as a BTS with a short clip on Instagram through @SolesMusic and fans couldn’t hold their excitement at the teaser. ‘Nothing’ is entrancing and I caught myself singing along after the sixth listen. The lyrics for both songs are gripping and is only heightened by Ms. Negovanlis’s soulful and ranged vocal abilities.

Ms. Negovanlis described her music as alternative pop/rock. If you like her music please show support through BandCamp and tweeting her some love at @natvanlis on Twitter.

With both demos only costing $1 CAD ($0.75 USD), I wasted no time purchasing both. These songs will be proudly blasted with windows down in my car and on a constant loop through my house.

TNWU wishes you the best with your music Natasha! We can’t wait for more demos, singles, and hopefully an album.

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