Ship Wars: The Flash


THE FLASH IS COMING BACK! Nobody knows how excited I am. I binge watched all of The Flash at the beginning of the summer, so this season will be the first time that I am able to live-tweet the show with everyone else. I’m super excited. While I count down the days to the season premiere, I’m really hoping that Barry finds love this season. Which ship is your favorite?

maxresdefaultDo you pick Barry and Iris? For all intensive purposes, they are sister and brother. Even though she is Barry’s longtime crush, now that Eddie died in front of them, their relationship might not be the best at this point in time.


Flash-s1e12-Barry-Caitlin-karaokeDo you pick Barry and Dr. Snow? They kissed when Barry wasn’t himself, but she seemed to enjoy it. If Ronnie never fully becomes himself again, the pair have shown that they can have a lot of fun together, especially at karaoke bars. Also Snowbarry has a nice ring to it.


GrantGustin_TheFlashDo you pick Barry and Felicity? They have had sparks between them ever since Barry showed up on Arrow. Then they kissed on the train and it was clear that there is some sort of connection there. But, the fact that they are in two different shows and two different cities is a problem. Especially when you pair that with the fact that the Arrow Season 4 trailer showed Felicity and Oliver being super cute and domestic.


Are you hoping season 2 will have more Linda Park-Barry Allen action? More Malese Jow screen time is NEVER a bad thing.

Vote for your team below, and don’t forget to tune into the season 2 premiere on Tuesday, October 6th at 8/7c.

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