Winterthorne Episode 2 Feeds a Sweet Addiction

Alliances forged and deadly secrets continue to unravel in Episode 2 of the wonderfully addictive web series, Winterthorne.  In Episode 1, viewers saw the strength of the Winterthorne women take center stage.  Episode 2 allowed the Winterthorne men to shine.  Victor and Maximilian, brilliantly portrayed by Michael Caruso and Gordon Thomson, have great onscreen chemistry.  While discussing the sweetness of their candy creations, the men also ponder the return of Colin,who left 10 years earlier as a boy and is returning now as a man.  Colin isn’t privy to the family’s secrets and machinations. However, he’s returning with some secrets of his own.

Colin is played by talented actor Josh Thrower. Thrower fuels Colin with sensitivity. Yet, there’s a palpable undercurrent of determination viewers see in this young man. Thrower’s work is excellent.

Further, exquisite background music and cinematography also serve as important “characters” in Winterthorne witnessing the story as it unfolds. These admirable attributes could rival any big screen endeavor with a more substantial budget.

Martha Madison once again shines as Miranda. Madison skillfully reveals so much emotion through her facial expressions.

Kathleen Gati, known to General Hospital fans as Dr. Liesel Obrecht, gives a memorable guest turn as Valentina. Gati is deliciously evil in this character. Her scenes with Martha Madison and Gordon Thomson are chilling.

An underlying theme of Winterthorne suggests that there is no escaping from one’s destiny.

The last scenes not only had viewers pondering all the questions posed by this episode but also left them anxiously anticipating Episode 3.

Episode 3 of Winterthorne airs this week. Go to

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