5 Thoughts on Girl Meets Texas

This past weekend Disney Channel served up a three-day Girl Meets World special of Texas-sized proportions. Girl Meets Texas had a new episode on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the first two episodes taking place mainly in Lucas and Isaiah’s hometown in Texas and the third one back in New York dealing with the fallout of all the feelings expressed in Texas. And, let me tell you, there were a LOT of feelings. Speaking of feelings, here are five of mine from the special:

They went a little overboard on the Texi-ness of it all. Now, I’m not sure if Texi-ness is a word (if not, I’m penning it right now), but we all know what it means. It means hoe downs and square dancing, country music, rodeos, and, as Friday Night Lights taught us, high school football. [If Girl Meets Texas did one thing, it certainly made me want binge watch the Dillon Panthers.] However, this in no way describes anyone I have ever met from Texas. I’m not saying that this doesn’t describe parts of Texas, but I don’t think New York City kids would feel as out-of-place as Riley, Maya, and Farkle did. And I really don’t think a cowboy hat is necessary. However, the gang ending the night around a campfire was pretty adorable. Texas Forever.


Mr. Matthews got WAY too into the kids business. Y’all, I get that Cory is Riley’s dad, but seriously, you are a teacher, at least pretend to teach history, don’t write the actual names of your daughter and her friends on the blackboard and talk about their love triangle as a class. Don’t set it up so Maya tells Riley IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS that something happened with her and Lucas. And, don’t insist your daughter tell you what her note says to the point that she accepts a date with a boy IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. If I was still a 14-year-old, I would be mortified. For life. I know this always happens to some extent in Mr. Matthews class, but this situation took it to a whole new level that I just couldn’t comprehend or accept.

Blackboard photo

Poor Lucas. I mean, mostly. He does have two great girls who like him. Unfortunately, these girls are best friends so he has pretty much zero say in who he gets to be with. I appreciate Riley stepping out-of-the-way for Maya, even if it breaks her heart (she’s not even in high school yet, y’all, she’s going to be okay) and I understand that Maya is probably confused about her feelings since she’s spent the past year completely ignoring them. However, what if Lucas doesn’t actually like Maya? Or, what if he realizes he does only see Riley as a sister? Aren’t his feelings just as important?! Also, wouldn’t the easiest thing be for no one to date Lucas, at least for now? Can’t sisters before misters go both ways? [I thought hoes over bros was a little too mature for a conversation about middle schoolers.] Anyway, I felt like the poor guy just got the short end of the stick and is probably more confused than ever.

Poor Lucas

I LOVED that we didn’t get an answer to the love triangle. I know that most of the fandom is freaking out. After part two everyone thought Lucaya was happening. But then, they are SUPER awkward on their date (but, hello, they’re 14, I think they are allowed to be awkward) and we learn Riley still likes Lucas and Lucas may still like Riley and now NOBODY IS HAPPY. Except for me. I loved it. This thing is too messy to be solved in just three episodes. While Cory and Topanga were a sure thing from at least season two, I am excited that maybe, just maybe, Girl Meets World will forge its own path when it comes to relationships. So, no matter whether the writers give us Rucas or Lucaya, I just hope they don’t give us the final answer soon.

love triangle

CHUBBIE’S! Did you miss it, Boy Meets World fans? The place the gang went to eat in Texas was called Chubbie’s BBQ. I’m glad Girl Meets World is becoming its own show, but I will always appreciate when the writers throw some love to the original.



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