CBS’ The Inspectors Delivers a Winning Series Premiere

The Inspectors, part of CBS’ “Dream Team” lineup on Saturday morning, delivered a winning series premiere on October 3. The Postal Inspection Service themed show stars Jessica Lundy, Bret Green, Terry Serpico, Harrison Knight and Erica Marie-Sanchez.

Preston Wainwright is a paraplegic college student interning with the United States Postal Inspection Service. His mother, Amanda (Jessica Lundy), is a Postal Inspector. Preston became a paraplegic following a car accident that claimed the life of his father who also worked as a postal inspector. Amanda’s partner, Mitch (Terry Serpico), has his quirks, but he and Amanda appear to work well together. Preston has his own “dream team” with his college friends: Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez).

The tone established in this pilot episode strikes the perfect chord between drama and emotion. Viewers see Amanda and Mitch investigating a fraud case affecting college students at Preston’s school.  The investigatory aspect is reminiscent of CBS’ Without A Trace, but with an added benefit: the college contingent enables the show to delve into plots that would also attract a younger audience.

Actor Bret Green portrays Preston with strength and determination.  This is a young man who must adjust to life with the physical challenges faced by a paraplegic. Yet, he confronts these challenges with humor and grace.  The show skillfully weaves flashbacks into the narrative so we are able to see Preston’s deceased father and we are instantly aware that his father was an important influence in shaping Preston’s character.

Lundy is brilliant as Amanda. She is a powerful voice as a Postal Inspector, strong and focused. As a mother, she is both loving and nurturing. Her scenes with Green are excellent. The two actors share a remarkable resemblance, but more importantly, the two have onscreen chemistry that makes their scenes believable. A mother and son bond is firmly established at the outset. Even when Preston and his group hatch a scheme that impacts Amanda’s investigation, viewers know that there is undeniably love with the Wainwrights .

As the series unfolds, viewers will be able to look forward to what promises to be exciting and realistic plots involving the Postal Inspection Service. In addition, we will certainly be privy to Preston’s challenges as both a college student and as a physical challenged person. Finally, his internship with the Postal Inspection Service allows for wonderful moments between mother and son.

The Inspectors delivered a winning series premiere.

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