Exclusive Interview with From Dusk Till Dawn’s Blair Bomar

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin
Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

Blair Bomar may be fresh new talent to Hollywood, but she’s no stranger to the craft of acting. Initially inspired to pursue her dreams by a Broadway performance of Sunset Boulevard, Blair has studied performing arts at University of Texas, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She’s since moved into film and television with roles in Bandslam, Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, and, most recently, Robert Rodriguez’s horror series From Dusk Till Dawn. We got a chance to discuss her FDTD experiences and her character Alice, a waitress who’s part of the story’s unique vampire mythology. Check out our interview below!

What can you tell us about Alice?

“Alice is fierce as hell and sweet as honey. She’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or better yet, she’s the culebra in unsuspecting leather hot pants.”

Alice’s description says “she can eat your heart out…literally.” Are you one of the actors who gets to be in monster makeup? Is that process fun?

“Yes! It was such a privilege to go through that process with some of the most talented makeup professionals in the business. The transformation took a few hours, but it was so worth it. I loved getting in touch with this inner wild blood-sucking creature and watching her emerge. Stepping into Alice’s boots was both empowering and liberating. She knows how to put up a damn good fight. And honestly, aside from the whole snake vampire thing, we have quite a bit in common. Everyone has their dark side. Alice’s might just be a few shades darker than usual.” 

FDTD’s first season was about retelling the story of the original movie – season two has expanded into its own thing with tons of new characters. What’s it like working with both season one’s cast and actors who were more recently added like you?

“I think everyone on this show has been so well cast. Stepping into this meticulously crafted world with such distinctive and memorable characters was a huge honor and a welcome challenge. We shot in Austin, which might be the dopest place to shoot in America. It’s the hub of this burgeoning and wonderfully supportive film community that I was lucky enough to experience after graduating from UT. It’s also where I landed my first big role! Robert’s crew in particular is no holds barred, finely tuned, and tightly knit! Basically every single person I met while working on the show was ridiculously talented. I definitely think season two has given the veteran actors the opportunity to dive deeper into their characters which, in turn, provided the newcomers with some seriously solid ground to spring from.”

Do you have a favorite dynamic that Alice has with another character? 

“That’s a really tough call! Everyone was so great and uniquely true to their characters. I did have a pretty awesome fight scene with DJ Cotrona though. I love a good choreographed excuse to get down and dirty.”

On that note – what about someone you’d really like to do a scene with and haven’t yet?

“Hmm… maybe Jeff Fahey or Wilmer Valderrama! I was so impressed with everyone across the board. The intensity these people bring is next level.”

Even though Alice hasn’t appeared on FDTD yet you promote the show a lot on Twitter, which is very cool. Are you a fan of the story?

“Oh, I’m such a fan! I love the series and remember feeling so mesmerized by the film’s original characters. Santanico Pandemonium was, and still is, a revelation!”

Is it exciting to be part of something that has such a devoted ‘cult classic’ following? You were part of something similar with Always Watching.

“It is endlessly exciting. Like coming home after a long day of work and remembering that you have a freshly baked chocolate cake in the fridge. Except, the cake is ever-replenishing and always stays fresh. To me this is heaven.”

You’ve studied theater and previously been inspired by Broadway performances. How have acting onstage and for television been different?

“I love both mediums. My roots are in theatre and watching actors on stage is what made me fall in love with the craft. Film and TV were always something I aspired to work in though, as they held this mysterious and elusive quality that I felt I had to crack into. Capturing someone’s essence on-screen and in the context of the character they are portraying is both fascinating and wonderful. It’s much more subtle and nuanced, but that’s where the magic lies.”

What other projects are you working on right now?

“I’ve been taking matters into my own hands lately working on a few different short films and a web series with friends I deeply admire and have been inspired by over the years. I pretty much adore producing and getting to be a part of the writing process. It’s so much fun being able to see a project through from its inception to its fruition. 

My full name is Blair Healy Bomar. I go by HealyBlair on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you so very much and see you on the flip side!”

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