Exclusive Interview with Heroes Reborn’s Lucius Hoyos


Talk Nerdy With Us had the pleasure of chatting with young Canadian actor Lucius Hoyos. Lucius is best known for What If, The Colony, Reign and Between. He is currently portraying EVO Jose Gutierrez on NBC’s hit series Heroes Reborn. Keep reading to find out what is in store for Lucius’ character this season.

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Tell us a little bit about your audition process for Heroes Reborn.

At the time, I was on vacation and I got the call that I needed to do this audition. I had to leave the US a day early. On the way home, I had to learn the lines, and some of them were in Spanish too so it was hard, but thanks to my Dad, he taught me.

Do you speak  Spanish?

Not that much. (Laughs). My Dad tells me some commands and stuff like that.

You’ve also done voiceover work, so do you have a preference between acting and doing voiceover work?

I do voiceover work some of the time! I like acting more. It’s a lot cooler and fun.

What’s the difference for you?

With acting, I get to travel and meet new people and just experience it physically. For voice acting you’re just in a room and talking into a mike.

Have you always wanted to pursue acting or when did you realize that it was something you wanted to do?

My brother is an actor. I just always wanted to be like him (Laughs) and follow in his footsteps so I just became an actor.

Has he (Ricardo) given you any pointers?

Of course, yeah. He always helps me out!

 Have you seen any of the original Heroes now that you’re on Heroes Reborn?

Yeah, as soon as I got the role, I had to binge watch the whole series because it helps with knowing all the old characters and just trying to follow the storyline.

Who was your original favorite character from Heroes?

Peter. I think it was really cool that he could just get every single power. It was awesome.

The majority of your scenes are with Ryan (Guzman). Is there another cast member that you would love to work with that you haven’t had a scene with yet?

I’d like to work with Jack Coleman. A Noah/Jose storyline would be very cool.

What can you tell us about chapter (episode) 3 and on that happens with Jose Gutierrez and your storyline?

I’m really like Jose. I share the same characteristics as him, but there’s a lot that is going to happen to Jose. He’s got a really, really interesting storyline. There’s a lot of action happening!

Do you get to do any of your own stunts?

I haven’t, but I want to.

You were also on Reign last year. Is there a really big difference between acting on a sci fi show versus a historical drama?

Yeah, there’s definitely a difference! In Reign, I had to know how to do a British accent (Laughs) and just try to think of what the world around me was like. There was no technology back then, so that was difficult to wrap my brain around.

Since our website is Talk Nerdy With Us, what do you nerd out about or what makes you nerdy?

I love making things from superhero movies and stuff like that or video games too. For example, all the Spider-Man movies. I love Spider-Man and I’d love to make a realistic Spider-Man costume and run around like him. (Laughs).

Is Spider-Man your favorite superhero?



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