Exclusive Interview with The Walking Dead’s Major Dodson

Photo Credit: Jen Dodson
Photo Credit: Jen Dodson

Well, it was another gruesome week in apocalyptic Virginia. That was a LOT of zombies, and depending on which Twitter feed you follow, we may have even lost a main character. I’m skeptical, but that’s just me. While that mess was happening outside the walls, we know things weren’t looking too pretty in Alexandria either. Only time will tell just how much damage has occurred over the last two episodes. While we wait to see if Rick can get himself out of this walker Winnebago scenario, check out some highlights from my chat with Carol’s favorite Alexandrian, Sam Anderson (played by the highly entertaining Major Dodson.)

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What’s shooting in Alexandria like?

It’s HOT, but heavenly. I always look forward to going. We’re there for a few weeks at a time and most people don’t know that it’s actually a real town, with just a few houses built specifically for the show. Everybody that lives there is very nice!

What was your first day on set like?

Surreal. I first met Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) and Steven (Glenn) and they were so nice. Everyone was really great.

Were you a fan of the show before you auditioned?

I’d seen one or two episodes but now I’m fully caught up. I originally auditioned for a different role but they liked me for Sam, so they had me read on camera while the producers watched in Atlanta, and I got the part!

What do your friends at home think about all of this?

When it started they said “no way, are you lying? You’re not on the show!” (Laughs). Then I showed them clips and they were, quite frankly, amazed.

As they should be.


What’s it like working with Melissa McBride (Carol)?

I was scared of her the first time we shot together because she was telling me (in the scene) that she was going to kill me and there were assault rifles around us. Now we hug every morning before work. She blows it away.

What’s been your favorite experience on set?

The time I touched Josh McDermitt’s mole and asked him if it was real or plastic. (Laughs).


Okay that never happened, but we were shooting a scene where I was supposed to be hiding in a closet. When we were outside of the closet I picked up a ukulele and started playing it for the crew. It pretty much reduced everybody to laughter.

You’re a funny guy! Any other projects coming up that we should know about?

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