Huck: The Gift of Good Deeds

With the news today full of tragic events, the feel good, human interest stories feed our spirits with hope and optimism.

New York Times bestselling writer Mark Millar (Kingsman, The Secret Service, Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy) and Eisner Award winning artist Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire) have united for Huck, a new drama series comic by Image Comics slated to launch in November.

The protagonist, Huck, has unique abilities that allow him to perform good deeds on behalf of the citizens of his serene American town. His grateful neighbors reward Huck’s generosity by keeping his special abilities a secret. However, the hero faces exposure by a new resident of the town who brings news of Huck’s good deeds to the attention of the media.

This comic series has shades of the 1990s CBS show Early Edition when good-hearted former stockbroker, turned hero Gary Hobson received tomorrow’s newspaper today and used advance information to save lives.

Huck, with its feel-good movie variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque, will be in stores November 18th.

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