iZombie’s Major Lilywhite: The Reverse Logan Echolls?

In the DC universe, there’s The Flash and The Reverse Flash. Well, it now appears that Rob Thomas and company are possibly creating (knowingly or not) a Reverse Logan Echolls in iZombie’s Major Lilywhite.

First, Robert Buckley “replaced” Logan in the CW Seed series, “Play It Again, Dick.” Now, he’s gone from a ne’er do wrong goody-goody social worker to a badass with a bazooka to a spiraling new junkie.

At the beginning of the series, Major seemed like a very flat, one-dimensional character. Within the timeframe of 15 episodes, though, he has become more fully fleshed-out and REAL than some believed possible. And Robert Buckley is playing him to perfection.

Understandably, the writers of the show may not necessarily want iZombie to be compared in any way to Rob Thomas’s teenaged private eye series. But considering what a beloved character Logan Echolls was and still is, Thomas, Ruggiero-Wright, Buckley, and the rest of the iZombie crew should consider it a huge compliment to have Major compared with such a legendary icon.

Major’s backstory is benign while Logan’s was tragic. But while things always seemed to get better (at least somewhat) for Logan when he was involved in any way with Veronica, it’s the opposite for Major with Liv. Liv has brought nothing but sorrow, pain, and the impossibly awful into Major’s life. Everything is worse. His world is now bleak. And yet, somehow this karmic connection helps drive viewers to hope that at some point the two will stop hurting each other and start loving each other…like they used to.

Yes, that’s right. That’s one thing that Logan and Major DO have in common: they both have a storied history with the badass babes that they’re magnetically drawn to or wishing they could repel. And one thing is for sure. Liv will have to help save the newly minted bad boy, Major, from himself.

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