Jane the Virgin From Baby Mateo’s POV

download-23-1Spoiler Alert:  This article contains information from the season premiere which may not have aired in some regions.

Some call me a miracle baby, but I’m just a baby.  My name is Mateo and a lot has happened to me in my short life, from my conception to my kidnapping by a criminal mastermind when I was less than two hours old.

My mommy Jane and my daddy Rafael didn’t have a traditional courtship. If it wasn’t for my Aunt Luisa’s medical mistake, mommy could have been daddy’s wife at the time, Petra.  Glad she wasn’t, Petra’s pretty but not very nice.  My mommy Jane is the prettiest, nicest, smartest mommy in the world.

I’m a lucky little baby.  I have the best family.  My grandma, Xo (Her real name is Xiomara but I have trouble pronouncing that) is really cool and a great singer. My granddad is international telanovela star, Rogelio Dela Vega. I can’t wait to trade his  autograph for some great lunches!

Mommy and daddy don’t know this, but I may have a little brother or sister soon. I think Petra had a special gift for the stork, it was in a little tin canister and she got upset when she temporarily lost it.

Now, if only mommy could decide who she wants to be with, daddy or that nice guy, Michael.

I’m looking forward to my life. I’ll have plenty of love and I know it will be full of surprises.  I’d expect nothing less from Jane Villanueva.

I hope everyone will share it with me.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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