Prosevere “Hurts Like Hell” Music Review

I’m so in love with Prosevere, a hard rock/metal band out of Memphis, TN. They had me hooked and in tears by song one, The CD is called “Hurts Like Hell”, and I’d call it alternative metal. The lead singer , Gary Segars, has a great voice and the guitarist, Eric Ashe, can really shred it at times. Matt Riley on bass and Rocky Griggs on drums round out the quartet and provide the driving, pulsing beat.

The first song is called ”Can’t Let Go” about loss, so poignant it makes me think of those I’ve lost and I weep through the whole song. “One More Thing” grinds a little more, and you can really hear how good the lead singer’s pipes are. “Not worth Saving” – all gloves are off and the ass kicking begins! “Glory” has an interesting opening, and is another rockin’ introspective song. Back to banging it on “Bottoms Up”. Good message, and if you need an alternative version of the lyrics to ‘Let it Go”, here ya go! Some metal for mommy! “1000 pounds” stands out a little less than the others. Not quite a filler, but not quite as banging as the others. The CD finishes with the grinding “Burn the City”. I give the guys props for having carefully crafted lyrics in the metal arena.

Prosevere opened for Shinedown on a couple of the latter’s bands early 2015 tour, and it is a good match. Both bands are hard and heavy, but with thoughtful lyrics that pull you in emotionally. I first heard Shinedown in 2008 and knew they were going to make it huge, and I was right. I have high hopes for Prosevere, too!

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