Review of Earthbound by Erica Schaaf

In Earthbound, author Erica Schaaf takes the characters from The CW’s The 100, and weaves an intriguing plot centered around loyalty, conspiracy and betrayal. Earthbound is a heart pounding tale.  It is no easy feat sculpting a plot revolving characters that are the brainchild of another, but Schaaf seems undaunted. She allows the reader to sympathize with the plights of several characters and root for them as they journey through a life-altering adventure. Thus, Schaaf has crafted an engaging plot that will enthrall The 100 fans and grip newbies to this sci-fi universe.

There are several protagonists in Earthbound. Siblings Bellamy and Octavia Blake are the epitome of familial love, loyalty and sacrifice. Bellamy is the quintessential older sibling committed to protecting his younger sister. The Ark (the space station environment where Bellamy and Octavia live) has a societal “one child” rule. Their mother was “floated” ( i.e killed) for becoming pregnant. Yet, the enforcers of this rule are unaware of Octavia’s existence as Bellamy kept her hidden. The siblings find a friend in Clarke Griffin, the daughter of the chief medical doctor and chief engineer. The reader will see the depths in which Clarke will take to protect both Bellamy and Octavia. In addition, we see a possible romance brewing between Clarke and Bellamy.

Schaaf writes Clarke as a strong, determined young woman facing difficult circumstances.

The reader learns that the inhabitants days on The Ark may be numbered. But will Earth be a viable solution?

The conspiratorial elements of the plot advance the story and feed reader suspense. A plethora of twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The ending is magnificent.

I highly recommend Earthbound. Schaaf’s story is a winner.

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