Seven Things The Walking Dead Needs to Address This Season

Note: This piece contains spoilers from the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead. Beware!

The Walking Dead has launched yet another doozy of a season with the revelation that there was a gigantic pit filled with walkers, and they’re headed right for Alexandria. Despite an intricate plan to get them as far from civilization as possible, things don’t go as one had hoped. A painfully (pun intended) short cameo by the brilliant Ethan Embry as Skeptical Everyman #1 illustrates just how quickly things can go from bad to “where’d my face go?” While we’re not exactly sure where this is all going, one thing is for sure: we need answers to a few crucial questions. Some will likely be revealed sooner rather than later, others will probably never get resolved. Such is the deal in the post-apocalyptic world we now live in.

1.) What’s with the horn at the end of the premiere?

Did someone drive into a tree and pass out on the steering wheel? Was it a severely pissed off Aiden looking to get back at everyone in town? Maybe it was the ghost of Ethan Embry. “I told you guys this was a bad idea!” This will probably be revealed in the next episode and my guess is that someone is gonna pay.

2.) Is Carl going to ask that girl from the Too Many Cooks video to the dance?

The kid has been through the ringer since this whole thing started. I think they’d make a cute couple. Plus he can protect her, and let’s be honest – nobody in that town stands a chance against a drooling walker. Let Carl do his thing, she’ll swoon, they’ll fall in love. I’m shipping these two.

3.) When is Judith going to suddenly become a 5-year old kid?

Remember when Modern Family replaced baby Lily with an actress that probably drove herself to the audition? That. How adorable would it be seeing lil’ Judith with a machete, taking out walkers left and right? Plus we finally get to have real interaction with someone who doesn’t know a world the exists without walkers and impending doom around every corner. It’s an interesting perspective we haven’t seen yet. Somebody get casting on the phone.

4.) Rick and Jessie? Happening? 

C’mooooon. If we’re gonna let Karl have some fun it’s only fair that Rick is allowed to play. Okay, so maybe Jessie needs a little time to grieve since, you know, Rick killed her husband and all. But let’s be honest, he had it coming. And she did wonders with Rick’s hair after God knows how many months on the road without running into a single Super Cuts that was still open for business. Speaking of which:

5.) Can Daryl even see through that mop at this point?

He’s sexy, we all know that much. And the hair is part of his…charm? Is that the right word? But it’s got to be a safety issue as this point, especially considering his weapon of choice. Aim is crucial. Just a light trim, that’s all it takes. You’re in pseudo-civilization at this point. Treat yourself.

6.) Any more flashbacks?

Not the kind in the premiere – which was half and half in terms of what was happening in real-time and what happened in the planning stages. Remember how fun it was seeing Hershel come back for a few brief moments? More of that, please. This group has changed and evolved since this series began but the core players are still on our minds. Or at least they should be. Any moments we didn’t see that ought to be revisited? Except for Andrea. Everyone hates Andrea.

7.) Is Alexandria sustainable?

Like any other place Rick and the gang have set up camp, Alexandria must have its limits. Sure things are quasi-comfortable right now, but how long can that wall last? I mean even a prison couldn’t contain this nonsense, so what hope is there for a quaint little neighborhood in suburban Virginia? After the onslaught of walkers heading in that direction at the end of the premiere, it’s not looking too hopeful. If by some miracle those walls do hold, what happens next?


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