6 Times Olicity’s Relationship Felt Too Real In ‘Lost Souls’

Last night’s episode of Arrow, ‘Lost Souls’ tested the dynamic of one of TV’s favorite couples, Olicity. As a couple, they can overcome anything, and let’s face it, they’ve survived so much already! They’re perfect for each other and last night they proved it.

Here are 6 times Olicity’s relationship felt too real in ‘Lost Souls’:

1.  Oliver wasn’t timid to admit that Felicity was the one bringing home the money! 

Oliver is pretty much broke at this point. Saving lives doesn’t bring home the big bucks. With Queens Consolidated no longer in the works, and all the complications that occurred after it, he’s unemployed. Now that he’s running for Mayor that will probably change, but until then, it’s the Mrs. supporting them both. Oliver has stated twice how Felicity is his finical supporter. Being the CEO of Palmer Tech, and all! Not a lot of guys are ok with that, but Oliver is.

2. Felicity’s appreciation of Oliver’s backrubs

Seeing a more comforting side of Oliver Queen this season has us all swooning, and secretly hoping he’ll massage us too.

3.Oliver Queen cooks

As we saw in the season premiere, Felicity is no chef, so thankfully Oliver offered to prepare dinner when Mama Smoak was in town. Ollie you can cook for us anytime!

4.Oliver shirtless in bed, waiting for Felicity to come home.

They live together! They look so married. When is the wedding? I mean, really?! Coming home never looked so good.

5.Felicity assuring Oliver that they’ll be fine

In this episode, the dynamic of their relationship was put to the test as Felicity began to open up about not being that kind of girl that allows herself to get lost in a guy. Truth be told, they have lost and found themselves in each other and that’s BEAUTIFUL.

6.Last but not least, that synchronicity kiss was everything! 

That is all.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c!

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