Arrow: Thea and More Tales From The Lazarus Pit

imagesThe effects of the Lazarus Pit on Arrow continued to be felt by Thea in the episode “Brotherhood”.  If you haven’t seen this episode or the episode “Haunted”, please do not continue reading as this article contains spoilers.

Every since she was brought back to life, Thea Queen has undergone changes.  She was always a troubled girl but now her worries aren’t centered on a complicated relationship with her mother and doing drugs.  Thea is stuggling with losing herself entirely, that is, losing the person she used to be due to her resurrection via the Lazurus Pit.  She has developed an appetite for murder and has to hold back every time she dons the red Speedy hood and takes to the street confronting criminals.

It seems that the price of getting your life back is taking another life. And the longer you were “dead”, this murderous wonder lust worsens, as witnessed by Sarah.  Fortunately, Constantine reunited Sarah with her soul in “Haunted” so she appears to have been cured. It’s a pity Constantine couldn’t have done the same for Thea.

For Thea, the killing urges are constant.  Malcolm Merlyn has no problem with providing lives for his daughter to take (most fathers just buy their daughters a car!), but Thea is determined not to be a killer.

Now, another side effect of the Lazurus Pit has been revealed.  During a confrontation with Damien Darhk, it was discovered that Thea is immune to his deadly touch.  Does this mean that she can’t be killed?  And if so, will Thea become as deadly as Darhk?

The consequences of the Lazarus Pit seem to be huge.  If I was faced with the decision to bring a loved one back from the dead as Oliver and Laurel were, I don’t know if I could’ve used the Lazarus Pit.  But then again, they didn’t have all the facts.

How will Oliver be able to save his sister from this latest development?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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