Can The Broken Hearts Be Mended On Once Upon A Time?

1412528832jpg-c72f98_765wMany hearts were damaged beyond repair in the Once Upon a Time episode “Broken Hearts”.  This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode, please do not continue reading.

One of the hardest things about love is that sometimes it makes people do things that end up hurting the ones they love the most.  Emma Swan made the difficult decision to save Killian’s life but the cost was turning him into The Dark One.  Her choice is similar to the ones people have to make regarding terminally ill loved ones. Do you just allow them to slip away or do you go against what you know they would never agree with in order to save their life?  Moreover, are you doing it for them or because you can’t live without them?

If it is the later, the decision becomes more of a selfish one.  There are opinions for both sides of this argument as far as Emma’s motives are concerned.  Emma already lost one love, Neal, and it is the feeling that she couldn’t go through the pain of losing another.  But being The Dark One is a burden that shouldn’t be thrust upon anyone, especially when the decision to turn dark isn’t their own.

With that in mind, I can sympathize with Hook’s anger and rage and thirst for revenge against what he feels is wrong-doings against him.  It is scary, that of all The Dark Ones and evil characters we have seen on Once Upon a Time, I believe that Hook has the qualities to be the most dark.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or a man betrayed.

Hook is on a mission.  The mission involves payback to anyone he believes has hurt him, namely Emma and Gold.  But Dark Hook knows he can’t do it alone so he calls upon the power and evilness of all The Dark Ones by opening a portal to release them.

I mourn the man Hook became and hope we’ll get to see him again.  But it’s looking like that may never happen. True to it’s name “Broken Hearts”, left viewers crushed. How will Storybrooke survive The Reign Of Hook?

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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