Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Thanksgiving, the Rebecca Bunch Way

download (1)Spoiler alert:  This article contains information from the episode “My First Thanksgiving With Josh!” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

Thanksgiving.  A time to spend with those you love being grateful for the many blessings you have in your life.

Or if you’re Rebecca Bunch, it’s the time you spend sucking up to the family of your crush after you score an invite to their Thanksgiving dinner.

In fairness to Rebecca, spending Thanksgiving with Josh seemed to be more Paula’s goal in Operation Stalk Josh than Rebecca’s. It was a covert spy mission complete with teddy bear pin spy cam so Paula could catch all the action without being there.

It’s anyone’s guess if without Paula’s interference, Rebecca would have backed off of her pursuit of Josh, at least for the holiday.  But finding out the Chan’s didn’t like Valencia was too big of a lure to ignore. Next to Valencia, would Rebecca be perceived as the perfect woman for Josh?

“My First Thanksgiving With Josh!” didn’t do much to accomplish Rebecca’s character growth. If nothing else, it served to reinforce her desperation.  And unfortunately, it also made Paula appear just as desperate.  I mean, come on, Paula spends her Thanksgiving ignoring her own family in favor of spying on Rebecca?

The highlight of the episode (at least for this viewer) again was the songs.  Rebecca’s  “I Do Good Parent” was a visual treat to the eyes and ears that left no doubt the talent that is Rachel Bloom.  In each episode, she plays so many different Rebeccas  (The main character and the character versions in the musical renditions).

In a subplot, Greg quit his dead-end job at the bar (only to ask for it back) and spent Thanksgiving caring for his ailing father.  I know viewers are supposed to cheer Rebecca on in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I hope Greg gets his happily ever after.  He really is a great guy.

By episode’s conclusion, it was one step forward, two steps back as Thanksgiving dinner brought Josh and Valencia closer together.  He actually asked her to move in with him.

Here’s hoping Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finds its audience.  It would be crazy if this show wasn’t allowed to continue for a second season.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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