Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Best Episode Yet (Spoilers)

Tumblr seems to be realizing that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best shows that no one is watching. Although it’s been a bit hit or miss with its first few episodes, its fourth installment was by far the best yet.

It’s self-aware, self-loathing, self-sabotaging all while its main character is aiming for self-improvement and failing miserably.

Tumblr and Twitter both are beginning to embrace this quirky comedy with the occasional hilarious musical number that all too accurately depicts some pretty horrible truths. Last week it was The Sexy Getting Ready Song that showed the awful lengths that many women are willing to go to in order to look, feel, be sexy for a date. And this week it was Settle For Me.

Bartender Greg is well-aware that Rebecca isn’t interested in him and yet he entices her with song and dance to settle for him instead of waiting for the man she’s convinced will make her happy.

The number of gifsets and screencaps with fantastic quotes is growing. The fandom is beginning to come alive. The question is, will this show be given the chance it truly deserves or will it be a casualty of low viewership numbers before it really gets a chance to hit its stride? The only thing that’s certain is that if there’s any network that will allow it the opportunity to become all that it’s meant to be, it’s The CW.

Take that thought and go look up some screencaps if you haven’t already. With quotes like “If he’s your broken condom, then I’m your Plan B,” how could you go wrong?

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