Grey’s Anatomy: A Penny for Meredith’s Thoughts


Grey’s Anatomy is reaching back to its core with its focus on the widow Grey in Season 12. Dr. Meredith Grey is starting over after the death of her husband, Derek. Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith story, the story of a doctor navigating her life in the medical world, the relationships she forges along the way and the challenges she faces.

One of these challenges is working with Penny, the doctor who played a role in the death of her husband. After an extremely awkward dinner party in which Callie’s new girlfriend turned out to be Penny, Meredith learned that Penny would also be starting a position at Sloan Grey. Despite her feelings, Meredith took the high ground and reluctantly accepted Penny at the hospital.

But obviously Meredith’s torn between maintaining professionalism and her feelings as Derek’s wife.  Dr. Callie Torres is in a similar awkward position. Is she being disloyal to her friend’s memory by dating the woman indirectly responsible for his death?

It will be interesting to see Meredith deal with a sea of emotion while trying to maintain her composure. She will also face some scrutiny from sister-in-law, Amelia. The name of the series could be changed to “Grey’s Reflections” as Meredith will have to look inside herself.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays 8/7c on ABC.

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