iZombie S2: Hopes and Predictions


With six episodes down for the current entry of Liv Moore’s increasingly complicated undead personal life, we’re nearly halfway through the season already. (I know, right? Wild!) There’s been a lot to keep up with — Liv and Major coming back together, the return of Peyton and her joyfully increasing plot importance, Blaine’s personal agenda, Max Rager’s entirely unrelated agenda, Ravi just generally being the best person to exist — so I’m taking a moment to hit the brakes and consider where we’ve been, along with where we might be going. The writing team has a pretty big juggling act going, and it’s anyone’s guess where Liv and company will end up in coming weeks.

All we can be sure of is that, considering the pileup of season one, the remaining seven episodes have some ridiculous and/or heartbreaking twists and turns ahead. Where do you think the remainder of the season is headed? Sound off in the comments below.

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