Music Review: Shinedown Threat to Survival

Shinedown is back with their fifth studio release, and they are back with an in your face, by the throat, absolutely grinding heavy metal masterpiece. They’ve locked in their place as my favorite band of the decade.

Shindown’s first two albums were subtle, but garnished major hits with “Save Me” and “.45.” They established their place in the rock and roll echelon with the CD “Sound of Madness” which produced as astonishing five hits.

Their next CD, “Amaryllis” slowed things down a bit, but this new record goes from 0 – 60 right out of the starting gate with “Asking for It.” Barry Kersch’s drums are pounding and Eric Bass’ bass is throbbing. This is arena rock at its finest, hook heavy for singing along with some serious head banging, with Zach Meyer grinding his axe.

Next up is the first hit single, the powerful “Cut the Cord,” which is currently nominated for a Loudwire 2015 Best Song of the Year award. “It All Adds UP” is a song you can feel move up through the soles of your feet. As grinding as the music it, lead singer Brent Smith’s lyrics are deep and emotional. “How Did You Love” asks the important questions about how we life our lives and “Dangerous” points out the power a clear minded individual possesses and Smith belts them out with confidence and passion. Death and the meaning of life are also the theme of “Long Black Cadillac.”

The CD ends with the powerful and emotional “Misfits,” a song that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. There is no filler on this CD, as almost every song is radio friendly.

The band is on tour now with Breaking Benjamin. It’s going to be something to see.

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