Ship Wars: Once Upon a Time

Since we do regular Ship Wars posts, we try to mix up the format here and there to keep things interesting! This week we are talking Once Upon a Time. Between Storybrooke residents and well-known characters met in the Enchanted Forest and other fairy tale lands, viewers have many couples to love. Instead of choosing one character to talk about, we have laid out every ship we can think of. So, vote on your favorite current ships, or for the ones you have loved in the past! Have fun!

Emma and Captain Hook

Emma and August

Emma and Regina

Regina and Robin Hood

Zelena and Robin Hood

Snow and Charming

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin

Belle and Will

Henry and Violet

Arthur and Guinevere

Lancelot and Guinevere

Mulan and Phillip

Mulan and Aurora

Aurora and Phillip

Anna and Kristoff

Emma and Graham

Emma and Neil

Regina and Graham

Regina and Daniel

Marian and Robin Hood

David and Kathryn

Astrid and Grumpy

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