Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (November 15th-21st)

Guess what time it is? It’s Weekly Superlatives time!


BEST ONE-LINER: jane the virgin 

the narrator “For those of you keeping track, that is now three children for Rafael and zero sex. #RafaeltheVirgin”


The narrator on Jane the Virgin is the best. He always makes sure we are caught up on what’s going on and provides us interesting tidbits of backstory to explain every situation, but even more so, he is blessed with probably some of the best lines in the show. And he delivers them perfectly. This past week among his many hilarious quips was his reaction to the discovery that Rafael and Petra are expecting twins which alluded to the fact that now Rafael is going to have three babies that are all conceived out of artificial insemination. All three were without his knowledge. Poor Rafael, but I’m sure he’ll make a great dad to the twins!

Honorable Mention: Undateable (“In the word of Janice, my favorite secondary character on the hit TV show Friends, OH MY GOD!”)

MOST badass CHARACTER: agents of shield

grant ward


Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that this backstabbing ex-agent of SHIELD is an incredible Badass. With a capital B. Ward’ storyline has been wobbly at best ever since he was cast aside after the first season of the show. Hopefully, though,  he will be brought back into the spotlight this season since his main storyline seems to be tying in to the overall plot line of the season. And maybe just maybe we’ll get to see him on-screen again with his old teammates from Season 1. A girl can hope right? Anyway, although Ward has been a certified badass since we first saw him in the pilot, this week’s episode really brought out his recently dormant inner ninja. After being double crossed by Malick, Ward almost effortlessly overpowers the three henchmen sent to kill him, manages to get the information he needs out of them, and hijacks a plane to fly over to the location of the vault he had been searching for. All in record time that has Malick impressed.

BEST KISS: agents of shield



One word: FINALLY. Honestly, I cannot thank the writers room enough for this. After two and a half seasons of fluffiness turned to some world-class angst and pain, SHIELD’s two resident adorable scientists finally decided to go for a passionate lip lock. It was cute, it was romantic, it was absolutely glorious. Of course, we still don’t know where Fitzsimmons stand considering that Jemma developed feelings for Will on the alien planet, but at least finally the two have put their feelings out in the open and talked about them (and then some). That’s a start right?


killian dies


Oh man, was this week’s episode of Once absolutely heart wrenching or what! And even more so for my fellow Captain Swan shippers. After a few struggles with Arthur and Zelena, our heroes are finally able to collect both parts of Excalibur. In the struggle between the two sides, Killian gets a little scratch from Excalibur that Emma heals with a flick of her hand. It isn’t till later when Emma is about to unite Excalibur into one when we suddenly learn that even the slightest cut from Excalibur is deadly because of its extremely strong magic, AND KILLIAN IS DYING. What! Just when we thought everything was about to work out just fine. Emma is absolutely heartbroken and it is devastating to watch her breakdown as everyone, including Killian, tells her to let him die but she pleads that she can’t lose him. Oh man, look at that there’s a little dust speck in my eye again. Anyway, Emma refuses to let Killian leave her, which leads us to…

Honorable Mention: Blindspot (David’s murder)

BIGGEST OTP MOMENT: once upon a time

emma brings killian back to life


Emma brings him back to life. But of course it is not that simple. The only way for Emma to bring him back to life is to tether him to the other part of Excalibur, thus making him a Dark One. Gasp! People might disagree as to whether this was really a romantic moment at all considering that Killian asked Emma to not do it right before he died, but she did it anyway because she was stricken with grief over losing him and was desperate to have him back. And those people might even be right, but no one can disagree that this was an epic moment nonetheless and the parallel of having this happen right in the field where we last saw Emma and Killian share a very sweet and happy kiss made it that much more heart wrenching.


april and jackson fight

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.42.27 PM

Greys is known for having its fair share of emotionally strong moments, and this week was no different. Jackson and April have a very emotionally charged fight when Jackson wants to talk about their relationship, and April doesn’t. In her words, she wants to end it where it first started: in a bed full of love, and she thinks that talking about it will just make it worse. Jackson disagrees and tells her that she doesn’t get to make that decision. 🙁


Ruby, mulan, and merida team up


The two-hour special episode event of Once Upon a Time brought to us a few familiar faces from the past. One was the lovely David Anders as Dr. Frankenstein with his splendid new hair color. The others were Mulan and Ruby, who we have also sorely missed on the show. While the first hour of the show was filled with suspense and pain, the second hour was nothing if not lighthearted and fluffy. We got to see an amazing team up between the badass ladies of the Enchanted forest as Mulan and Ruby joined Merida in her quest to find her father’s enchanted helmet.

FUNNIEST SCENE: scream queens

anything involving boone


Ever since Scream Queens fake-killed off Nick Jonas’s Boone, I have been eagerly waiting for his come back. And that is what we got this week. Yay. Honestly, I tried picking one scene to put in here but I could not. There was simply too many! Firstly, can I just say that Nick Jonas should permanently take up acting because oh my god can he perfectly deliver his lines or what? Whether it was “Once you go black you never go back” or “What’s this shirt made out of? Boyfriend material.” Everything that Boone said or did in this episode was perfection and he completely stole the episode. There’s also the whole debate over whether what the girls were seeing was the “Ghost of Dead Day Boone” or if he was really alive, and honestly, the whole episode was just a hoot because of Boone’s return.

BEST buddy moment: the flash

dr. wells saves caitlin


Earth 2 Dr. Wells is a jerk and pretty shady at most times. But this week he surprised us a little as we saw more of his human side shine through. I mean, it takes a lot to agree to face off with an intelligent gorilla and risk your life to save a fellow scientist who you haven’t even known that long. While Caitlin was kidnapped by Grodd, who wanted her to make more of him, Dr. Wells agreed to go undercover as the Evil Dr. Wells to convince Grodd to let her go. With no ulterior motives. That was some quality humanity right there, and I, for one, cannot wait to see Caitlin and “Harry”‘s friendship develop more.

best plot twist: once upon a time

killian is also the dark one


Ever since this season started, there have been a lot of interesting theories floating around about what exactly happened in Camelot that turned Emma dark. Out of all those theories, some even quipped with a few extreme spoilers, absolutely NONE predicted that there could be a possibility of TWO Dark Ones. Good job, Adam and Eddie. Now that is how you do a plot twist. My jaw is still on the floor from this week’s revelation that in an attempt to save Killian’s life, Emma tethered him to the other part of Excalibur and made him into a second Dark One. The reason that Emma wiped everyone’s memories is that she wanted to protect Killian from his darkness. Present day Killian is of course NOT thrilled by this and vows revenge on Emma. Sadface.

Honorable Mention: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Finding out Hydra was behind the other world travels)


claude teaches leith to be a gentleman


My resident cuties are back this week and have already claimed their rightful category. Yep, Leith and Claude are as cute as ever. When the two reach an understanding that they can never officially be together because of her royal status, Claude offers to arrange a match for Leith with a lady above his station. To get him ready for this meeting she tries to teach him the ways of noble people. This is all reveled to be a ruse later as Leith realizes there never was a match for him and Claude admits that she only said all of this so she could spend some time with him. Cuties.

most suspenseful MOMENT: how to get away with murder

annalise asks everybody and their mother to shoot her


Ever since the premiere, one of the biggest mysteries of this season has been the question of who shot Annalise. And oh my god has a reveal ever been more suspenseful? In the midseason finale, we are finally shown who exactly shot Annalise but not before Annalise asks literally anybody she can lay eyes on to shoot her. The biggest shocker, of course, is that Annalise herself asks to be shot. But there is still the question of who actually did the shooting, and boy do the writers take their time with red herrings. As one tweet pointed out, the scene was so suspenseful that at one point it looked like Annalise might hand the viewer the gun to shoot her. Sheesh.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: once upon a time

jennifer morrison


This season has really given Jennifer Morrison room to shine with alternating performances of Regular Emma and Dark Emma. But this week, she really outdid herself as we saw her go through the pain of losing Killian, the desperation of getting him back, and the hurt of having him find out the truth about himself in the present day. This episode was big for JMo and she delivered every bit of it beautifully, proving once again just how sophisticated and brilliant her acting skills are.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! Remember to check back next sunday for the upcoming week’s Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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