The Peanuts Movie Review

Good Grief Charlie Brown, You’re 3D!

The Peanuts Movie is a sweetly nostalgic family movie that brings that lovable misfit, Charlie Brown to the big screen.

Baby boomers remember Charlie Brown and his lovable Peanuts gang Lucy, Linus, Shroeder, Peppermint Patty, Sally and eager beagle, Snoopy. Later generations experienced Peanuts from the countless holiday specials that continue to grace our television screens every year.

The Peanuts Movie stays true to the character of Charlie Brown and friends as written by the late Charles A. Schulz. The film is written by his son and grandson who managed to transcend the characters and story to also appeal to adult audiences without overwhelming the children viewers.

Poor Charlie Brown is still pursuing The Little Red Headed Girl using his usual shenanigans. You have to admire him for not giving up, even though his schemes always seem to backfire.  The best thing about the 3D format is it gives the characters more dimension (no pun intended).  The kids in the audience will feel like that can reach out and give Charlie Brown a hug, which he’ll definitely need before movie’s end.

The Peanuts Movie offers a nice way for the family to spend time together. Check local listings for theaters and show times.

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