Why a Network Needs to Pick up Constantine–Now!


Constantine. No, not the emperor; I’m talking about John Constantine. Specifically, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine, whose show so was cruelly yanked out from under thousands of die-hard fans. Much like the infamous cancellation of Firefly, viewers were left with thirteen spectacular episodes to sustain them indefinitely. This, however, was not enough, and fans have been crying out for more ever since. Petitions have made the rounds through many social media platforms. #SaveConstantine was a trending hasthag for weeks…but to no avail.

When NBC canceled the supernatural comic book drama, fans were in an uproar. Viewers from the average Joe to stars like Stephen Amell and William Shatner pushed for the show’s renewal, or at the very least, for the show to be picked up by another network. Netflix, the CW, and more were eyed as potential saviors of Constantine’s TV persona. Alas, the show was not saved…but could it be?

The character of John Constantine–still played impeccably by Matt Ryan–has recently appeared on CW’s Arrow and is slated for more appearances this season. This has left fans drooling in anticipation of more glimpses of Constantine’s hellblazing snark. Is it possible that there are secret plans for a revival of the show?

It’s unclear what the legal restrictions are as far as the character of John Constantine goes. Clearly, there is enough wiggle room for him to be allowed to make an appearance on a CW show. And clearly Matt Ryan is willing and able to play the character again. Whether DC comics will allow another network to pick up the show–or whether NBC is willing to give up the rights–remains to be seen. It’s hard to imagine, though, that DC wouldn’t be fighting tooth and nail for Constantine to rise again.

Will Matt Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine on the CW hit Arrow be enough to tide fans over? Not likely. Clearly, Constantine is a character that deserves more screen time than the occasional guest appearance. It’s what the fans want. It’s what the actors want. Now, get on it, networks!

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