Zachary “The Human Torch” Levi

In the past few weeks, Heroes Reborn fans have noticed Zachary Levi’s character, Luke Collins, powers growing stronger, especially last week’s episode.

“Sundae, Bloody Sundae” shows Luke shooting a massive fireball from his hand towards Joanna. Does that remind you of anyone? It should. Because that’s the exact move Marvel’s the Human Torch often pulls.

Heroes has a long-standing tradition of creating characters with powers similar to Marvel heroes. Claire Bennett aka Wolverine. Hiro Nakamura aka Nightcrawler.  Mohinder Suresh aka Luke Cage. And now we have Luke Collins aka the Human Torch.

Luke’s powers began with a small glow, heating a knife to the point that it burned his steak as he was slicing it. Now he’s shooting fireballs! How long do I have to wait until he yells “FLAME ON” and engulfs himself in a glorious orange glow?!

Lest we forget, Zac has always been born to play a hero. How could we ever forget Chuck!

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC. Follow both the show and Zac on Twitter: @heroes and @ZacharyLevi.

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