6 Notable Moments From the FlashxArrow Crossover Part 1

That’s how you do a crossover!


Last night’s episode of The Flash was part 1 of The Flash and Arrow annual crossover event and it was epic. I totally vote for every week to be a crossover week! Seeing Team Flash and Team Arrow teaming up again was wonderful.

Here are 5 huge moments from part 1 of FlashxArrow crossover:

1. Vandal Savage is taking over. And he’s taking over hard. Can Team Flarrow defeat him?

He’s not only mystical, but a magician too. And he’s got mad moves.

2. Barry and Felicity’s friendship are G O A L S.

The  friendship these two share just makes you smile. Both are quirky and nerdy and have perfected the “friend hug”.

3. Olicity never fail to melt your heart.

Why are they so cute?! Seriously! Why are they so cute?! He called her honey!

4. Kendra embraces her inner identity: Hawkgirl!

Kendra Sanders, you are indeed a superhero figure and you know, just rock those wings would you!

5. Patty wanted to be a hero and go after Earth 2 Wells.

Should they tell Patty the truth about what’s going on or not?


6. OLLIE. KNOWS. ABOUT. HIS SON. (And he’s a Flash fan!)

We’ll get to see more of this revelation in part 2 where Oliver confronts his baby mama.


Looking forward to Part 2 of the FlashxArrow extravaganza tonight? You don’t wanna miss it!

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