Fandom Speaks: Arrow’s Midseason Finale (SPOILERS)

Fans had their super hero world turned on its head not once but twice last night. Many are speechless. Many can only express their sentiments about what happened in gif form.  Here, we’re going to try for words, pictures, AND feels.

Not sure about anyone else, but my emotions are all over the place. I’m definitely in total agreement with Tumblr user lavatorylovers‘ post:

You know you’re in too deep when…you feel sick to your stomach over the mid-season finale.

What exactly is making viewers sick to their stomachs? There are two screenshots that have been perfectly combined by Tumblr user carpediemwithme to explain without a single word, but I’ll take a moment to caption them anyway.

Here we have the newly engaged Oliver and Felicity happily making out in the back of their limo.

And here we have Oliver holding a shot up Felicity who has blood streaking out of her mouth.

When you combine that image with this tauntingly dark image from the season premiere:

It is all too easy to draw conclusions.

Some in the fandom say there’s no way that Felicity is dead. Others are terrified that she is. Then there are those that think this would be the perfect way to veer back towards Green Arrow comic book material.

No matter which camp you might be in, the answers to all your questions will have to wait…until January 20th, when Arrow returns.

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