Over-Analysis of The 100’s 22 Second Teaser Trailer

When you freeze-frame a teaser trailer and go through it moment by moment, there are a LOT of questions you can come up with and very FEW answers to go along with them.

Of course, when those 22 seconds of film encompass the first new footage a fandom has seen in nine months, it becomes a little more understandable to the uninitiated as to why such a short clip could invoke such a feeding frenzy from the show’s famished audience.

For anyone who hasn’t seen or who desperately needs to see again, here is the first taste we were given tonight of The 100’s Season Three:

Do you see why there’s a need to go through this tasty morsel bit by juicy bit?

First, who is Clarke talking to? Is it Queen Nia of the Ice Nation? Luna that Lincoln has spoken of? Someone else entirely? And, more importantly WHY IS EVERYONE HUNTING HER???

Is Indra warning the Sky people about what’s going on? Did she go to them? Did they go to her? Is she talking to Lincoln or Octavia or…who am I kidding? It doesn’t even matter. INDRA IS THERE and more than that, she (perhaps mistakenly?) APPEARS to be at least somewhat helping those who love and care for Clarke and want the best for her and don’t want her to die.

Next order of business: What the hell are those walls/gigantic heavy metal doors that look like they have a garden (a garden???) inside? Very first thought was The Glade from The Maze Runner or Amity from the Divergent series.

And then, is that where the jeep came from? Is that Polis? The City of Light? Somewhere we haven’t even heard of yet? Who is the jeep chasing? Who’s in the jeep? So many questions!

Moving through the trailer at breakneck speed, surely fast enough to give us all whiplash, we arrive at what looks like Lincoln body-slamming Bellamy and Jasper crying while Octavia comforts him.

Not to mention Marcus Kane appearing to be a gigantic douche to Bellamy as he says, “Our people believe this is real peace. Try not to screw that up.” What the hell, Kane? YOU try not to screw that up! (Sorry…this is where I started to get *ahem* a little emotional)

Of course, no promo or season of The 100 would be complete without something exploding. And usually explosions happen around the one and only Raven “I Can Make It Go Boom” Reyes. But was that Wick flying through the air with her or someone else?

Who has Bellamy face first on the ground, hands behind his back, and Monty in a headlock? With those furry boots, are they from the Ice Nation? Whoa, wait a minute! Do they have guns?! Does that mean that now that the Mountain Men are dead, Grounders no longer fear firearms? Umm…that could be extremely dangerous…

And Finally, who’s fighting/wrestling in the water? Is that Lexa and Octavia? Lexa and Clarke? Someone else entirely?

Overall it seems that the best way to sum up these action-packed 22 seconds is with two simple questions: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! and WHEN CAN WE SEE MORE???

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