Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015: The Big Little Spin-off Con that Could

It’s been nearly a week since I missed Phoenix Comicon’s second annual December Fan Fest, and I’m still kicking myself for not finding a way to go.

Fan Fest started in 2014, when many congoers who frequent Phoenix’s late spring Comicon complained that the weather was too hot for cosplay at that time of year, or that they couldn’t make that con, or simply that they needed MOAR COMICON!

Phoenix Comicon coordinators listened, and last year Fan Fest was born. Though not yet nearly as big as Phoenix Comicon (which draws 70k or more attendees), Fan Fest has become a fan favorite. This year there were names such as Kevin Sorbo and Karen Gillan–not too shabby for a con’s second year!

From the photos I’ve seen the cosplays were amazing, and attendees went all out. Friendships were made, and the Blue Ribbon Army–a nonprofit organization that began as a simple Phoenix Comicon fan group on Facebook–held an Afterdark party one night to raise funds for Kids Need to Read.

Next December, I’m definitely making plans to attend this con!

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