Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (November 22nd-December 5th)

Hi guys! I’m back with your favorite weekly awards! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, we didn’t have any superlatives last week, so this week we will be combining the few shows that did air last week with this week’s shows. I hope you guys enjoy!



THEa queen “Bunch of superheroes and a farmhouse? I feel like I’ve seen that in a movie somewhere”


This week was the much awaited Flash/Arrow (Farrow) crossover and as expected, it brought us quite a few adorkable moments (along with some heartbreaking ones *tear*). The line that won the (two) week(s)? Definitely Thea Queen’s remark upon arriving at the Olicity getaway farmhouse. My mind hadn’t had time to make the Age of Ultron parallel just yet when the youngest Queen brought up the point, and it genuinely made me chuckle. We know that a DC TV/movie crossover is impossible now, but maybe Marvel and DC will reach across the rivalry line and do a S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover? I know Skye and Felicity would like it. Sigh, a girl can dream!


jemma simmons


It’s one thing to be badass when you’ve the upper hand in a situation, but to so defiantly stand your ground and make insulting jibes while you’re being held captive by HYDRA’s scariest? Now that is certified badass status right there. Jemma has come such a long way from being the adorable little nerdy scientist who liked following the rules because it made her feel good (though she has managed to keep the adorable nerdy scientist title still), that it’s hard not to be in awe of Elizabeth Henstridge’s  amazing acting range. This week as Fitzsimmons got captured by Ward and Malick, it was easy to see just how much Jemma had changed since Ward last saw her. Even being handcuffed and under threat of torture, Jemma didn’t back down and stood her ground with perfect retorts at Grant and Malick. Both Malick and Ward seemed impressed by how “feral” she had become, but Jemma as unaffected and thoroughly unimpressed with their villainous selves. Jemma Simmons, Science Princess and Queen of Adorable Insults.

biggest jerk: AGENTS OF SHIELD

grant ward


Where Jemma stole our heart with her fearlessness, Ward managed to make the audience hate him even more (if that was possible). Ward has been on a slippery slope of teetering between the good and bad side since the big HYDRA reveal in season 1, but this season he seems to have completely gone down the villain road. And over what, revenge for a love he only had for a few days? While Ward’s writing has been uneven at best, Brett Dalton’s performance has been exceptional throughout. This week as we saw Ward come face to face once again with Fitzsimmons, he broke our hearts even more by torturing Jemma while perfectly maintaining his “I’m really a misunderstood good guy” stance. But this time he might have gone too far even die-hard Ward fans to digest. Sigh.

bad guy of the week: once upon a time

dark hook


While I have been nothing but impressed with this season’s Dark One storyline, it has not been without its epic heart breaks. But even so, Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue have managed to keep their respective Dark Ones exceptionally appealing to our hearts. This past week we finally got to meet the newly realized Dark! Hook and oh boy was he a treat. Even when being kind of a jerk and slightly evil, Colin O’Donoghue manages to keep Killian just as interesting and handsome as ever and makes us root for his triumphant return to the light.

BEST KISS: blindspot

Jane and weller


Jane and Weller have been a pretty popular pairing for Blindspot since the pilot first aired, so it is no surprise that the fans were thrilled when the two finally shared an epic kiss in the winter finale. The two have been badasses together since the beginning of the season and their partnership has only strengthened in time. After the rollercoaster that has been her life recently, Jane finally felt stable and safe and decided to share a tender moment with Weller. Of course, her happiness was short-lived as the rest of the episode’s events unfolded, but hey, it was an epic kiss!


KILLIAN and emma fight


As I mentioned earlier, this season has not been without its heart breaks and painful scenes. Most of these scenes up to now have been between Dark Emma and Hook, but that all changed when Hook was revealed to be the other Dark One. As someone who has spent decades chasing after the Dark One and who is well aware of the temptation of Darkness, Killian was very adamant about asking Emma to let him die. In a moment of grief however, Emma ignored his wishes and turned him into the Dark One to save his life. This past week we finally see the confrontation between the two as flashback Dark! Hook breaks down and confronts Emma about turning him against his wishes and then refusing to give him the sword that now controls him. It was gut wrenching to watch Hook remind Emma about the number of times he has defended her and protected her right to choose since she was cursed by the Darkness, especially when he pointed out that he stood up for her when her own mother was ready to use the dagger to control her. It was even more heartbreaking to watch Emma break down and admit that her trust issues and fear of abandonment kick in and cause her to make rash decisions. The whole scene was filled with raw emotions and Jennifer and Colin most definitely delivered it with one of their best performances to date.

MOST EMOTIONAL SCENE: agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

fitzsimmons say goodbye


After the whole kidnapping and torture-fest and just the entirety of the heartbreaking episode, it’s revealed that Fitz has agreed to travel to Maveth with Malick’s men so that Ward and co. would stop torturing Jemma. He admits to Jemma that he is not strong enough to live in a world without her and he couldn’t handle the screams of her torture so he agreed to go in her place to help HYDRA bring back whatever ancient evil resides on Maveth. Of course, Jemma is not happy with the situation because she doesn’t want to lose Fitz, and more importantly, does not want to help HYDRA, but by that time it is already decided. The two share a very emotional goodbye before Fitz has to jump through the portal and our beloved science nerds are once again separated. Will the show ever leave these two precious babies alone?


Mary, catherine, and Don Carlos’s S&M sexcapade


Reign has had its fair share of interesting sex scenes (anybody remember King Henry humping a girl out of a window in his crazy days?), but this week for the first time we saw the period drama delve into BDSM territory. While there have been criticisms of the inappropriateness of the scene in question because of Don Carlos’s lack of knowledge and consent of having Catherine present in the room (and ones that I can most definitely agree with), it is undeniable that the accompanied silent banter between Mary and Catherine was highly amusing. Mary’s attempts to talk dirty to Don Carlos while Catherine rolled her eyes was pretty humorous even if the rest of the scene itself was controversial.


barry and oliver’s heart to heart


One of the highlights of the Farrow crossover was its look at Oliver and Barry’s adorable friendship. The two have come such a long way since they first ran into each other at the Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences division. Barry spent a good part of the crossover being there for Oliver in his time of need. One of the sweetest scenes was having Barry and Oliver have a heart to heart about Oliver’s newly discovered baby situation and what it meant to his relationship with Felicity. And of course, how can we forget Barry trying to hug Oliver, and when he retreated from it, reminding Oliver that he is fast enough to hug him without Oliver knowing. Aw!

BEST PLOT TWIST: blindspot

jane is behind her memory wipe


Blindspot caught our attention this season with some very interesting questions. Who was Jane Doe, how did she get her tattoos, and how did she end up mind wiped in Time Square? Well, the questions were kind of answered finally in the winter finale as Jane is revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole thing. She herself got tattoos and had her memory wiped. Gah! Holy plot-twisty cliffhanger, Batman!

Honorable Mention: Reign (Narcisse becomes regent)


felicity greets barry


The cuteness level of the CW explodes when the resident cuties of its two superhero shows meet up. This week in the Flarrow crossover, we saw Barry travel to Star City to get help from Team Arrow. There, he runs into Felicity who is very happy to see him and hugs him, then punches him. Why? Because he never told her that Dr. Zoom broke his back. Then she hugs him again and tells him she’s very happy he’s okay. Barry responds by asking Oliver “This is what it’s like dating her?” Cuties.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! Remember to check back next sunday for the upcoming week’s Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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