Top 10 Favorite Female TV Characters in 2015

With only a few days left until 2016, it’s time to celebrate my favorite female TV characters from ’15.  So without further adieu here are my 10 Favorite Female Characters from 2015! Hope you spot your favorites somewhere on here too!

10. Liv Moore- iZombie

We were introduced to Liv Moore earlier this year when the CW debuted its new comic book based show, iZombie in March.  Liv was a humble and caring character that had everything going so well for her, only for it to be taken away at a yacht party one night which ended up changing her forever. But as much as her new life (as a zombie!) is something she’s struggling with, she’s been able to turn it to something good, something positive. Seriously, what other zombie character do you know that eats brains to solve crimes? Usually, they are the bad guys out there, but for Liv, it’s totally different. She’s compassionate enough to save the people that she loves even if it means she has to keep a distance from them or be seen as “weird.”

9. Olivia Pope- Scandal

 Olivia Pope, our scandalous girl has been a fan favorite for 5 seasons now with her amazing class, poise and attitude, she’s overcome anything that’s been thrown at her. Her fierceness cannot be ignored and she always has a plan. Her strength and independence is admirable. With parents that are as evil as ever, she doesn’t and won’t let that define her. She gets what she wants and is there to save your ass when you’ve done something completely idiotic. She’s compassionate, but hides it well. She may be having some trouble in the love department, but who cares? Because sometimes she’s better off on her own. She is after all a gladiator in a suit.

8. Jane Villanueva- Jane the Virgin

Oh Janey, how I adore you so.  CW’s all new romantic comedy-drama TV show has a special place in our hearts. All because of the lead, Jane Villanueva. No matter what comes her way, she knows how to hold her values and her worth. With unintentionally getting pregnant and life being so unexpected for her, she didn’t give up on following her dreams of becoming a writer. She’s a humble human being and loved by many (two guys are vying for her attention!!!). She’s funny with a heart of gold and so darn cute. Honestly, being bff’s with her would be tremendous because she’s always there for you. Her character inspires others to never give up on what they want and when they want it. Jane Villanueva, is awesome! Plus, she loves grilled cheese…extra brownie points for her!

7. Annalise Keating- How To Get Away With Murder

Trouble follows Annalise Keating wherever she goes. But as a kickass lawyer and one that thinks fast, you can throw a curve ball at her and she would dodge it with a sweet comeback. How To Get Away With Murder has gained the views of millions with the high amount of angst and mystery it brings to the table. But what makes its the most intriguing is Annalise. She fights back, even when she’s kicked down. Her words can be as cold as ice, but sometimes she’s just telling the truth. Her persuasive tactics saves lives and keeps people out of jail. She doesn’t play around and she’s there when you need her.

6. Emma Swan- Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan’s character development has been quite fun to see progressing as the show has entered its 5th season. We’ve seen her grow and it gives hope to others who think that they’ve lost their way. She was able to form a relationship with her son, become the savior for Storybrooke and open her heart again after being left brokenhearted for so long. Although, this season we got a taste of Dark Swan, we all knew, deep down there was always good in her and so she could never be completely evil.

5. Cookie Lyon- Empire

Cookie Lyon, is mama of the Lyon’s den! She’s fierce as ever and the one that’s been talked about most this year. FOX debuted it’s highly rated soap opera, musical drama, Empire earlier this year. Fans instantly couldn’t stop talking about Cookie Lyon. And, who can blame them? Let’s face it, she’s everyone’s spirit animal and we love her! The way she carries herself shows you that no one can mess with her. She says all the things people are afraid to say and does the things most people won’t even imagine doing. As much as everyone fears her ex- husband Lucious Lyon, she is that one person that knows how to put him in place and is on fire while doing it! Her comebacks have you on the floor laughing, but her sadness makes you cry. 2015 was the year we all fell in love with Cookie Lyon. Thank you, Taraji P. Henson!

4. Jessica Jones- Jessica Jones

It’s time the world knew her name. Marvel’s Jessica Jones, premiered its first season on Netflix back in November. Who is Jessica Jones? A PI? A badass? She’s the heroine no one really saw coming! She doesn’t even have a costume! Just her black leather jacket and black boots. They say revenge is sweet, but Jessica Jones is not. She’s strong, intimating at times and always needs to fight for justice. Because she has a conscience. Her sarcasm is also always on point.

3. Kara Zor-El/Danvers- Supergirl

Kara, supergirl and hero of National City. When she’s not off fighting meta-aliens, she’s your normal, quirky girl that you just want to instantly be bff’s with. Her personality is loving and you can see so much passion in her eyes for helping the ones that need saving. She’s confident and has powers that she’s not afraid to use. Supergirl is super all on her own.

2. Clarke Griffin- The 100

Clarke Griffin. The warrior to many and then some. As the lead character of CW’s post-apocalyptic drama, The 100, we see Clarke as the hero to her people. She’s selfless and takes responsibility for her actions. She’s a survivor and a fighter that cannot be defeated. Her character is so very much admirable, in ways, it makes you want to become a better person. She puts others first, the people that she holds dear and loves. She’s powerful, smart, acts fast and always goes with the right thing to do. Her love for her people makes her stronger and she won’t take no for an answer. She is truly a warrior, a great warrior.

1.  Felicity Smoak- Arrow

Our favorite tech girl, the backbone to ‘team Arrow’, and the other half of Olicity. Felicity Smoak is the heart of the show. She’s extremely smart, witty and lovable. She may not be out there fighting off the villains, but she is the heart of team Arrow. Not all heroes wear masks. Felicity Smoak is also the CEO of a multimillion dollar company! She’s hilarious when she wants to be and has you tear-jerking at her hardest moments. She’s a badass that you can’t mess with.


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