Top 5 Moments on Once Upon a Time Episode 5×11 “Swan Song”


* WARNING: Spoilers for those who have not watched the latest episode of Once Upon A Time

1.) Dark One Reunion

Things were not looking great as we saw with Hook releasing all of the previous Dark Ones from the Underworld and setting them loose into Storybrooke #SquadGoals. Nimue, who was leading the pack, insisted that the only way to “snuff out the light” was to mark everyone in Storybrooke and send his or her living souls to the Underworld. Just so happens that all the characters they marked are the heroes of our story so I get where the whole “light” concept is coming from. The Dark One lore has been a mystery to the audience ever since the beginning of the show, but now that they have arrived it feels as if there is still so much to know and discover and I have a feeling we will because of a certain someone who names rhymes with Bumple.

2.) One Way Ticket Back to Oz

At least that is what Regina had planned for her sister Zelena. When it seemed that all hope was lost, to Zelena’s delight, Regina made the move to use the Apprentice’s wand and send a tornado reserved just for her sister. Zelena was sent swirling back to Oz but not without the threat of seeing her again. Now Zelena as a character is tricky because she is funny and snarky but is completely unfit to be a mother, at least for the moment. The only reason she got pregnant was to get back at Regina, which was horrible in itself. Now that she is gone she can hopefully reflect on how being a good mother should work. Worst-case scenario she is plotting her revenge and it will not be pretty (no pun intended).

 3.) Killian’s Sacrifice/Act of Heroism

Well if you wanted to make an episode reach an emotional peak I would say this would be that moment. Through Killian’s whole journey on “Once” we have seen him wanting to get his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin, never in the centuries that Killian has lived would he ever believe that he too would become what he hated most. He let darkness consume him because he was all right with the darkness using him. In the last episode Killian said “You’re only a pawn if you know you’re are not being used”, Killian was being used as early as his childhood when we had a flashback of him and his brother Liam being sold into working for a man and his crew, in exchange for a boat that their father stowed away on.

He was being used when Rumple used his heart to do his bidding and as the darkness was using him to have Storybrooke became their own personal Underworld. Killian broke away from that darkness when it was threatening the person he loves most, Emma Swan. By breaking from the darkness he was finally letting his sacrifice be his own choice. Killian’s choice had been taken from him in the early start of Season 4 and although with good reason, was taken when he asked Emma to let him die and she refused. He is finally making that choice and it shows how far he has come as a character.

Killian showed true bravery because he was fighting to be the man who he wanted to be, the man that Emma believed he could be, and with welcome surprise, Regina believed in as well. Killian may have not destroyed the darkness for good but he destroyed the darkness within himself, winning the battle and becoming the hero he is and always was.

4.) Family and Hope

It was so great to see Emma reunited with her parents again after such a long separation from them since the beginning of the season. It proves how much Emma has grown as a woman, who had walls up in every relationship in her life. Emma’s vulnerability with her parents and Henry shows how much she is willing to do for them and what they mean to her. Even as Emma’s friend/step grandmother (yes it’s confusing, look up the family tree). Regina has shown vulnerability when it has come to this family and gives Emma advice, in her own Regina fashion, on how keeping things inside doesn’t make anyone’s life easier.

The hope comes into play when Emma discusses to her family that she’s going to the Underworld to bring Killian back. He plan is follow in her parents footsteps and to share one heart. Snow took a chance when making the decision to share her heart, with a then dead, Charming. Snow only had her belief and love that it would work and that their love was strong enough to conquer death itself. Now that situation arises again, it just proves how much Emma has grown emotionally as a character. Her belief in getting Killian back shows how strong their love has become these past seasons. She believes in the fact that through all the obstacles she and Killian have faced this obstacle will show just how true their love is. That no matter what, they will always find each other and that he is part of her family, her happy ending. She wants the future they have declared for themselves and you better believe she will fight like hell to get it.

5.) Underworld and #100

After much theorizing and speculating the Underworld rumors are true meaning our heroes are off to save one of their own and bring him back to the land of the living. However quick question, does this mean Granny will be mayor for a bit? I mean she does have a crossbow, so she can do anything.

When you think of Underworld you can only think of one person, that’s right, Hades. Will he grace our television screens come March? We know Hercules and Megara will make an appearance too!

No matter what the fans will be in for a treat as the show reaches its 100th episode (Woohoo!!). There are bound to be more surprises, but until then we can all watch the first half of the show on loop with ice cream and tissues (well maybe that’s just me….ugh I hate hiatuses.)


Once Upon A Time returns on Sunday March 6th on ABC.



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