Top 8 Best TV Villains of 2015

This year, TV has shown us villains come in all shapes and sizes. Plus they don’t have to have superpowers, to be evil. Here are my Top 8 TV Villains of 2015:

8. Eli Pope- Scandal

Also known as Papa Pope, aka Olivia Pope’s father. He’s vicious in the most ruthless ways. He can’t stop himself from getting what he wants even when it risks the well-being of his own daughter. He murdered the president’s son to get his point across, for goodness sake! Earlier this year, in Season 4 he even blackmailed the first lady, Mellie. He’s known as command of B613,  a CIA division that do very dangerous things and follow their own rules.  He’s infamous for saying, “You can’t take down command.” He’s manipulative and heartless and anything that comes out of his mouth will frighten you deeply.

7. CeCe Drake (‘A’)- Pretty Little Liars

After five long and impatient years of wondering who the heck ‘A’ is fans were given the golden answer they were dying for. CeCe Drake is ‘A’, the mastermind behind all the wrong doings that happened to Aria, Alison, Hanna, Spencer and Emily in Rosewood. ‘A’ tortured them non-stop. CeCe discovered the girls most precious secrets and used them against them in the most sly and disturbing ways possible. She played with them like dolls and scared them when she wanted. She was the villain that no one saw coming. Hiding behind that black creepy hoodie and gloves, she was able to keep playing her sick twisted game for years. If the girls thought even for one second that they were one step ahead of A, they were really, two steps behind. CeCe Drake was a brilliant villain. She didn’t need superpowers, she was bad all on her own.

6. Reverse Flash (Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne)- The Flash

Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne was an important character on The Flash earlier this year. He was trapped in time, stole another man’s identity and spent years hating Barry Allen. He even murdered Barry’s mother when Barry was just a kid. As an impostor, he mentors Barry and helps Barry strengthen his powers so when the time is right, Harrison/Eobard will be able to defeat him. Crazy, right? Harrison/Eobard fooled us all. He also faked being handicapped the WHOLE time. Usually villains want their prey weak, but Harrison/Eobard aka Reverse Flash, wanted Barry at his best so he could take away Barry’s powers and destroy everything Barry loves. Mind-boggling, indeed. Also, Reverse Flash’s suit is very daunting, the red eyes still haunt me.

5. Theo Raeken & The Dread Doctors- Teen Wolf

Who’s that new guy in town? It’s Theo Raeken! Looks are deceiving because Theo is the literal definition of a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Theo comes into Beacon Hills, as the new guy in town. Previous Teen Wolf seasons have taught us that anyone new to town usually has an agenda and are looking to stir up some trouble. The gang, especially Scott is somewhat blinded by Theo’s true intention. Stiles is the only one who has a bad feeling about Theo. Lesson to learn here: ALWAYS hear Stiles out. Theo is very manipulating and conniving. He’s great at putting on an act. He joins Scott’s pact (for an EVIL reason) and causes turmoil between our favorite Scott and Stiles bromance. The entire season he’s lying to the pact and working alongside the most dreadful doctors in town who should be arrested for malpractice. I mean, seriously. Those doctors are insane! Who knows what Theo will be up to in 2016?! Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean you can get away with this Theo! We see you!

4. Kai Parker- The Vampire Diaries

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Kai. The Vampire Diaries‘ main antagonist of season six who caused havoc like never before. He was absolutely ruthless and you could never tell when he was being sarcastic or about to rip your head off. He was thirsty for all the power given his status as a hybrid (witch and vampire) and he did not care about anyone. He didn’t let anyone get in his way. He murdered his twin sister Jo and her unborn twins (or so we thought) during her wedding ceremony. It doesn’t get more cruel than that. It was a blood bath. Kai’s also the reason why Elena is now in a sleeping coma. He was the biggest threat the TVD team faced, and luckily for them he’s gone now.

3. Wilson Fisk- Daredevil

He’s only trying to save his city from harms ways, right? We’ve heard that one before. Wilson Fisk is long time resident of Hell’s Kitchen along with Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. Fisk has this mentality that he can save the city by his ongoing racketeering and immoral actions. His enormous amount of hulk strength is scary and pissing him off, heck, even EMBARRASSING him in the slightest will make him go nuts. The guy has a temper and it’s bad. He had a rough childhood, but what villain hasn’t? He is powerful in Hell’s Kitchen. He bribes officials, officers and lawyers to cover the many illegal activities that he gets away with. Fisk is a terrifying yet a captivating villain, the criminal underworld doesn’t even dare say his name aloud. He’s Hell’s Kitchen’s version of Voldermort. Without being a wizard. He’s the biggest crime boss out there. And he looks great in a well-groomed suit.

2. Damien Darhk- Arrow

The darkhness has arrived and it’s staying for a while. Damien Darkh has taken over Star City in the fourth season of Arrow. He is one interesting villain and he’s alarming. Who can be subtle when they speak, but have that most terrifying tone when he wants to? Damien Darkh. His sarcasm is over the top and he has mystical powers. He’s trying to take over Star City and has become a handful for team Arrow this season. Darkh has an extremely high intelligence level, and holds himself with class. He’s a scene stealer for sure. We also find out that Darkh has a family of his own and that makes us wonder, why is he doing all of this? He’s after Oliver Queen and everyone that he loves. We’re assuming he’s the reason someone Oliver loves ends up six feet under. He has no shame and knows he’s powerful. He’s also used to getting what he desires. He’s different than any other villain Arrow has seen. It makes you wonder what he has in store next as the season continues. Be very afraid, because I know I am.

1. Kilgrave- Jessica Jones

Kilgrave, the most terrorizing villain you’ll ever meet. He’s able to control people’s abilities with is mind/words, and that’s honestly very scary. Imagine being able to command anyone to do anything you want, when you want it and how you want it, for your own self greed. That’s exactly what Kilgrave does on Jessica Jones. Every word he speaks has repercussions. If he says, “rip your heart out” to someone they actually do just that. He is desperate for Jessica’s unrequited love and attention and will stop at nothing to get it. Selfish? Yes. Delusional? Absolutely. His powers are frightening even when he isn’t on-screen because he uses others as his puppets. Due to his insane obsession with Jessica, he torments others just to get to her. He even murders his own parents. Kilgrave brings out the real horror of abuse.

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