Video Review: Shayna Leigh’s Wake Me When It’s Christmas

Shayna Leigh - Wake Me When It's Christmas

New York-based singer/songwriter Shayna Leigh wants to sleep through the fall season, just to get to Christmas that much sooner.

No, it’s not about presents. Shayna’s original Christmas song is about the excitement of seeing family again at the holidays. In the video for Wake Me When It’s Christmas, Shayna merrily decorates her home in anticipation of seeing her loved ones again at Christmas time.

The song is catchy and full of pep and cheer, and I’m sure it will be running through my head all day–which is not a bad thing! Wake Me When It’s Christmas is a song that excites and brings back fond memories of gathering together with family and friends for that good ol’ holiday spirit.

Wake Me When It’s Christmas, though titled after the Christian holiday, isn’t just about Christmas, though; it’s about the spirit of all the holidays this time of year, and in the video it pays an homage to Hanukkah with a Menorah that’s in Shayna’s Christmas decorations. She looks at it, ponders it, then decides to go ahead and put it out with the other decorations. It is, after all, still a time of togetherness and hope. As Shayna says about her song, “the one thing that is universal is the desire to spend whatever holiday you celebrate with the people you love.”

Both the video and the song are lively and uplifting, and I’m sure that Wake Me When It’s Christmas will be a holiday time staple for years to come.

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