What’s New When The Fosters Return for Season 3B? A New Jesus!

maia-mitchell-on-jake-t-austin-replacement-on-the-fostersPretty much the first thing we notice when The Fosters returns is the same as the last thing we noticed before the break: the absence of Jake T. Austin as Mariana’s twin, Jesus. The other thing you notice is the presence of Noah Centineo in his place.

When I first saw Centineo at the end of 3A, I thought there was no way this particular recasting was going to work. Centineo and Austin look nothing alike. Centineo really can’t pass for 15/16 like Austin could, and I didn’t think there would be any way to get past that.

I was wrong.

In the first episode of 3B, we see Centineo almost flawlessly taking on the personality and characteristics (and even the clothing!) of Jesus. In all honesty, Centineo is a better Jesus than Austin ever was. His acting is better, his line delivery is better. The chemistry with the rest of the cast is still a little off but that will come.

Overall, Centineo was the biggest, most pleasant surprise when I checked out the new screener. So kudos to him and here’s hoping that Jesus and his storyline will just get better and better.

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