Exclusive Interview with Teen Wolf’s Victoria Moroles


Photo Credit: Dana Patrick
Photo Credit: Dana Patrick

Victoria Moroles is Teen Wolf’s newest It Girl. She plays Hayden Romero, a sophomore at Beacon Hills who is also a badass chimera. We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Victoria before she went to shoot the finale for season 5B. We talked about her character’s forbidden love with Liam Dunbar and what happens behind the scenes on the set of Teen Wolf.

Your fans are so passionate! We had tons of questions submitted for this interview! 

“Yeah, they are really special! Sometimes I just don’t know how to handle it or how to think about it. I just think that it’s so amazing and I’m just so grateful for everybody’s support!”

Teen Wolf fans are pretty intense!

“(laughs). Yeah, they are hardcore! I was not ready for it! I knew that they were intense, but it’s like Twilight!”

What drew you to the role? (Via Twitter User @morolesfam)

“I auditioned in February last year and when I got the break down I obviously knew what the show was and thought it was an amazing show The breakdown didn’t really say anything exactly, I think it just said a new girl in school, so I really had no idea what would be in store. I thought it would be really cool to do something on the supernatural side which is really different for me coming from Disney. So when I signed on I only signed on for about two or three episodes. Then as the season progressed it became more episodes. It was honestly just a complete surprise that Hayden’s storyline continued! By the middle of 5A I had a sense of who she was. Starting out she’s obviously very sassy. Her and Liam have this history, but there’s a lot more to that. I got to play with the character, and her relationship with Liam grew throughout 5A.”

Can you relate to Hayden in any way? (Via Twitter User @obrienaturals)

“Yes! I think that with each character I try to find something that I can connect myself to. If I don’t then I feel very disconnected. I think that Hayden’s vulnerability is something that I can connect to. That we have in common. I don’t know if it’s just this industry or not, but you put up a wall and you finally let it down. The vulnerability is really beautiful whenever she lets her love grow as she falls in love with Liam. That’s something that I can relate to. She’s letting her guard down and expressing her vulnerability and being okay with that. It’s something that’s hard for her and it’s hard for me as well!”

How would you describe the relationship between Liam and Hayden? We interviewed Dylan Sprayberry and New York Comic Con and he said it was similar to Romeo and Juliet.

“I most definitely agree with him on that, especially this season it grows into something really interesting. He’s in Scott’s pack and Hayden’s in Theo’s pack. It’s really cool to see where it’s going to go, so yeah I definitely think it’s kind of like a forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet situation for sure!”

 In last week’s episode, Damnatio Memoriae, Hayden said that her only familiar connection was to Liam, but where does that leave Deputy Clarke? 

“You know I thought about this! (laughs). I think Hayden and her sister have a special bond because we don’t know exactly what happened to their parents, but Benita and I made up our own background story. We know that Clarke’s been taking care of Hayden for a while, so they have a special relationship. I don’t think that Hayden isn’t thinking of her or anything. I just think that it’s teenage love and it’s the only thing on her mind. Hayden’s a little more focused on making Liam understand that.”

Does Theo know about Liam and Hayden? 

“I have a feeling, personally, that he knows what’s going on with Liam and Hayden. Obviously he’s just kind of letting her know that it’s either my side or no side, and if you’re on my side then I can protect you.

What role does she serve in the pack?

I think that Theo would like Hayden to be more involved in the pack. I can’t really say what part I would play in the pack because I haven’t really gotten to work on fight scenes. I haven’t really gotten into the battlefield yet as far as fighting with my pack. So I think that Hayden is obviously on Theo’s side, but I think that he sees Tracy as his right hand and wants to see Hayden fighting a bit more. I think she’s so conflicted right now that she’s kind of just stuck in between.”

You have a lot of scenes with Dylan, Cody, and Benita, what is it like working with them?

“It’s so funny with this show because there are so many great actors and I only work with a handful of them. Mostly everything is with Dylan obviously. (laughs). Then Cody and Benita, and I think I did something with Khylin recently, which was pretty cool. But yeah, Dylan’s really cool and we have a lot fun on set. We joke around on set and keep things really light, there’s never a dull day which is really nice! Obviously me and Benita, everyone is always laughing because we are attached at the hip on set. We don’t get to work with each other that often, so when we do we are just super excited. I probably hang out with her most out of everyone. And Cody’s a great actor to work with! I have really learned a lot from him and it’s really cool to work with him this season.”

Were you excited when you found out that Hayden was going to be brought back to life in the finale of 5A?

“Definitely! You never know what’s going to happen on Teen Wolf, so obviously I was very excited to see that she was brought back to life and to see what was going to happen. But I had to wait like three months until we started back up with 5B! So yes I was very, very excited!”

Do you train with the stunt team? (Via Twitter User @laydenmoroles)

“There’s smaller stunts, like the ravine jump that we did, that’s not us jumping, that’s totally doubles jumping. So that’s smaller stuff that I’ve had a double for. But for every fight scene that I’ve ‘been in’ I’m just kind of standing around and they’re protecting me so I’m just kind of looking around. So I haven’t gotten to do much, but I have gotten to watch the fight scenes and it’s so awesome. The doubles are just insane at what they can do. The splits and all the choreography and I’m just like put me in coach! (laughs). I’m ready to fight! I love that kind of stuff! I’m a dancer, so I love choreography and learning the action side of it, so I hope that something is coming up.”

What is the makeup process like for your character? 

“I haven’t gotten in full makeup yet, which I know does take a couple of hours. I did do the silver blood, which is kind of very weird, it’s not very good. I did some spots which was fun, it’s just very quick and easy. The special effects guys are just phenomenal and such a blast. I keep saying that I want more makeup because I just love being in the trailer, they are just so cool! The burn makeup at the end of 5A that was very cool! That took a little bit longer, it probably took a good hour for all of us.”

Does it take that long to take it all off?

“Oh my gosh it probably does takes longer honestly. It’s so tedious! You can’t just take it off really quickly because it’ll irritate your skin, so you just have to slowly take it off with like oil stuff. It’s really interesting. I end up just half taking it off and it’s usually the end of the night and we’re all so tired that I’m just like I’m going to just home and take a shower. But they are always so cool about it!”

It seems like most of the show takes place at night, what are night shoots like? (Via Twitter User @fiestyromero)

“In December I finished at 8 a.m. and we had started that day at like 6 p.m. The night before that was the same thing we finished at like 6 a.m. and the night before that was about 3 a.m. It’s really different because when I worked on Liv and Maddie it was mostly 9 to 5. It’s very easy-peasy, like it’s still hours but it’s very easy to work with a schedule in hand. So when I have to flip between Liv and Maddie and Teen Wolf, that’s the only thing that really kind of wears me down. But it’s only a few weeks, then you can sleep in your bed!”

Wow, I feel like it would be so hard to adjust back to a normal sleeping schedule since you work all night and sleep through the day!

“Oh yeah! Especially last Friday night! I worked really late, so you know my Saturdays are kind of gone but it’s okay, I don’t really do much with my Saturdays anyways. (laughs). I slept all day on Friday so by Sunday I’m good to go. I have a schedule so that most of the time I’m not like going out or anything, so I’m fine with sleeping in.”

What do you do in your free time on set? (Via Twitter User @mccallcrush)

“Normally I really am honestly sleeping or trying to sleep. But if I’m not sleeping, I’ll just be hanging out outside the trailers and the guys play stuff on their guitars, which is super cool and just talking and doing stupid stuff. I really don’t do anything specific, sometimes I take a book to read which is really loner-ish. (laughs). I really do try to be social most of the time because I know that I like sleeping and I should be out so that I can stay awake. But it’s really fun out there! Everyone keeps it light and jokes and stuff.”

That’s amazing! I love reading, especially since books are slowly dying out because of the Kindle.

“I know right! That’s the thing with Kindles and iPads, my problem is that I need to read a physical book. I need to get off of my device! I’m reading the Mindy Kaling book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. I have to do funny ones like that because I’ve been starting to read again and my attention span is horrible! So I like to read and then nap and then I’ll go out there and hang out and try to be social because I’m introverted.”

What’s next after Teen Wolf? (Via Twitter User @beatricev26)

 “Season 4 of Liv and Maddie just got picked up on Disney Channel, so we’re going to start shooting that here in February. I’m recurring on that, so I’ll be doing a couple of episodes on that show. You know it’s such a good family over there. Honestly, I just love that character as well, but that cast and that crew is like family to me, so it’s like going home for a little bit, which is nice! So I’ll be doing that and I’m really set on my goal this year. I’m really set on a good film, it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Something that I’ve searched for and I’ve worked for. I’m trying to let things come to me and see what I like. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a film. That’s what I’m kind of working towards.”

Have you ever thought about going beyond acting, to producing or directing?

“I like to explore all creative sides! I think that right now acting is my main focus and so consuming of my time. I think definitely in the future I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to direct! I grew up in the art world. My uncle was a sculptor, so I watched him express and explore all different types of art.”


You can catch new episodes of Teen Wolf every Tuesday at 9pm/8c on MTV.

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