Fandom Speaks: Shadowhunters

Scrolling through Tumblr, it took a while to find any actual reaction posts to last night’s episode. Most everything I saw was one version or another of reminding international viewers how important it is to watch via Netflix or using Hola to watch on the Freeform website.

Once I got to the good stuff, though, there was quite a bit there, and largely in bullet form. So without further ado, here are the highlights of the fandom’s reactions to the Shadowhunters premiere:


  • Perfect opening song
  • Still not sure about Isabelle
  • Love Alec
  • Clary’s hair looks more orange than ginger, its wrong and doesn’t match Jocelyn
  • Still prefer the look of movie Simon
  • Graphic novel…
  • I like Luke
  • Dorethea is too young
  • Simon only has 92 followers 🙁
  • They are finally showing Jocelyn as a bamf
  • I like Magnus
  • Why are there so many people around…
  • I like the way they are forming a plot around the demon attacks
  • Jace stop being weird!
  • What was in my latte!
  • Alec stop looking so jealous!
  • Alec is killing these demons so…
  • I like that Dot has so many random cups around.
  • Is Dot dead!?
  • I love the fighting
  • And the swords look cool
  • WHY ARE WE IN UKRAINE??????????????????
  • The actor playing Valentine seems right, he was also in Reign
  • The demon pretending to be Dot looks an alien from Doctor Who
  • Alec and Jace are dorks
  • “Stunning people”
  • Simon is so confused. Poor baby
  • She has to choose between the guys already

Also, for those who are unsure about watching or have heard differing things, here are a couple of viewers you should probably listen to:

“I spent all day at work reading reviews for Shadowhunters and I was so scared that it’d be awful, but I thought it was really, really good. Yes, it has problems, obviously. But it’s gotten most of the exposition out-of-the-way, so we can get to the meaty stuff next time. But people were saying the acting was flat, that Clary was awful, the CGI was shit, but I didn’t think any of that was true at all.”  – impactwebbing


“For everyone who was disappointed with the first ep of shadowhunters, watch pll. But seriously, it was good, better than expected and it’s the first episode. Give it time? Lol, are you really hoping it will be 100% from the start? That doesn’t exist and in those supernatural shows it’s always harder, so consider that.” – sizzyclacestrash


So there you have it. Watch, enjoy, and give it more than a one episode chance!


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