Music Review: Mandroid Echostar “Coral Throne”

Mandroid Echostar is a progressive metal band from Guelph, Ontario.  They are:  Stephen Richards (guitar), Sam Pattison (guitar), Michael Ciccia (vocals), James Krul (guitar/vocals), Matt H-K (drums) and Adam Richards (bass). Coral Throne, which is the band’s first full length album, drops on January 15, 2016 on the Distort Entertainment/Fontana North label.

Mandroid started work on this album in 2014 and self-identify Coral Throne as a concept record.  A speculative fiction inspired by the real histories of colonialism, cultural genocide and the clash of organized religion and traditional spirituality.  That is quite a mission statement for any band/record to live up to, but Mandroid Echostar delivers on the promise of their concept with soaring melodies that are intertwined with hard-driving bass and drum tracks that anchor the music even as the masterful guitar work move the songs forward.

The vocals that carry the story being told are consistently clear and Ciccia uses his voice to convey the emotions felt by the characters in their story.  As you progress through the tracks you will find yourself immersed in the story written by Mandroid.  If you like the sound of Avenged Sevenfold, go ahead and give Mandroid Echostar a chance.  Their approach to putting a record together is reminiscent of AX7 without being derivative.

Recorded at Vespa Studios in Toronto and produced by the Juno Award winning team of Eric Ratz and Henry Hess, Coral Throne is a powerhouse that is ready to take you on your own spiritual journey.  The album will be available on Amazon and iTunes, so mark your calendars and treat yourself to some fresh sounds for the New Year.

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