Rumor Mill: Will Peter Capaldi Leave Doctor Who After Season 10?


It’s the newest thing in the Whoniverse: Peter Capaldi may be regenerating after Season 10 of the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who.

Why, you may ask? Capaldi has been a fan of the show since he was a child, so this is a dream job, right? Well, according to the rumors floating about the Internet, he may want to give the show a “fresh start” when the helm is taken over by Chris Chinall, of Broadchurch fame. Many fans may be disappointed, as they’ve just adjusted to Capaldi’s Doctor after he regenerated from Matt Smith’s Doctor.

There are already many changes planned for Season 10, with the format of the show changing and no new episodes until 2017 (save for the 2016 Christmas special, a Doctor Who tradition). There’s also the question of who the new companion will be, as Jenna Coleman’s Clara left at the end of Season 9. These changes have brought up doubts as to the continued longevity of the show. Will Whovians be willing to wait another year after having continuous Who since 2005? Will they accept the change in format?

And the biggest question posed by the possibility of Capaldi’s departure: Who will be the next Doctor? There have been rumors about who will be cast as the next Doctor since Capaldi was cast as the 12th Doctor, and these rumors and speculations have only grown. One fan favorite is Haley Atwell, who has been quoted as saying that she’d like to play the time-traveling Doctor. Will the next Doctor be a woman? It’s not beyond the scope of possibility, as Time Lords can sometimes change gender when they regenerate.

This Whovian has mixed feelings about the latest gossip. I myself have just warmed up to Capaldi’s Doctor, so I’m not sure how I’ll adjust to a new Doctor.

I guess I’ll find out in 2017.

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