MCM Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead, everyone’s favorite zombie TV show, had its mid-season premiere last night. And of course, that meant everyone’s favorite archer, Daryl “DEM ARMS” Dixon, was back.

Aside from TWD, Norman is perhaps best known for his role in The Boondock Saints, as Murphy McManus. If you haven’t had the chance to see this film yet, do yourself a favor and watch it IMMEDIATELY. It was fellow TNWU writer, Talya, that convinced me to become a fan of Norman’s and I’m so glad I followed through.

Norman has had several guest spots on television, including my favorite, Law & Order: SVU, as a rock star who influences a teen to give up her mental health medications. DON’T DO DRUGS. Unless they’re prescribed.

Mr. Reedus also had a “blink and you’ll miss it” role in Pandorum, the movie about monsters on a “space” ship. (Not a great flick, but entertaining so WATCH IT)

Aside from The Walking Dead, Norman can next be seen in Triple 9, out later this month.

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