Pokémon 20th Anniversary and NEW Pokémon Sun and Moon!

February 27th marked the 20th anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy system in 1996. 20 years later, Pokémania is still blazing on strong!

Pikachu Takes NY! (from official Pokémon Twitter)

Nintendo held a worldwide celebration in honor of our favorite Pocket Monsters, complete with an announcement of a brand new pair of games coming out this holiday season – Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Join us as we look over some of the exciting offerings from the 20th anniversary and take a peek at Sun and Moon!

Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow released for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo eShop released downloadable versions of Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red, and Pokémon Yellow for virtual console! These classic titles gave us our first look into the world of Pokémon we would eventually see grow ten times the size it started at! To add, the titles are unaltered, meaning you’ll get the original old-school experience complete with monochrome colors and 4-bit soundtrack.

In addition to being able to easily download and play these beloved titles, Nintendo is releasing a special Pokémon 20th Anniversary bundle featuring the New Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Red and Blue.

In this epic bundle, the games will come pre-installed on a New Nintendo 3DS system that can be customized with a Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue theme, as well as two cover plates featuring artwork from the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue boxes and the Pokémon 20th logo.

#Pokémon20 Photo Booth app + More

You may have seen fans and celebrities using the #Pokémon20 photo booth app (available for iOS and Android) to put themselves right in the middle of their own Pokémon battles or show off their trainer spirit! A very simple app in its core, but cute nonetheless and a smart way to spread the love of Pokémon.

Other offerings were released on the 27th, such as new expansion packs for the Pokémon trading card game, freebies for the online Pokémon TCG, and loads of new merchandise like plush dolls and clothing!

First Look At Pokémon Sun and Moon

On top of all the festivities surrounding 20 years of Poké Fever, Nintendo announced the next installation in the Pokémon series – Sun and Moon! This will be a game with a brand new region, and, of course, brand new Pokémon!

Another exciting bit of news is you’ll be able to utilize Pokémon Bank, a cloud service to transfer Pokémon from previous games, in Sun and Moon. You can bring over all your favorites from your old games straight into the newest generation title!

Lastly, this title will not just be a worldwide release, but you can choose from up to nine languages to play your copy of Sun and Moon in- no matter the region!

The proposed release date is during the holiday season this year, but otherwise, we don’t have much more information on the titles. We will uncover more news on Pokémon Sun and Moon as it’s released – stay tuned and Train On!

Did you celebrate #Pokémon20? Are you excited for the new Pokémon games? Tell us your thoughts on Pokémon in the comments below!


  1. D: Red and Blue were released in 96? Omg … I feel so old …. I say as I am 22 … but STILL! Baaaaaaaaaah this – is – SICK!!!! So cool! It’s the Nintendo 3DS I have to get, isn’t it? I’m so ready for kiddish excitement again 😀

    1. Don’t even feel bad – the moment I realized I was 8 when these games came out, I had to sit down and re-evaulate my life!

      I am SO excited though – I actually bought my 3DS specially for Pokemon Y when it was released so Nintendo/Pokemon has the power to get me to buy new handhelds, basically. Those scoundrels! *shakes fist*

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