Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (February 7th-13th)

Hello again, lovelies. I hope you all had a great week! Are you ready for this week’s superlatives? Because I am!


BEST ONE-LINER: supernatural

“What’d you do judgy? Curl up in your snuggy and watch Fifty Shades on Cable?” – dean winchester


It’s no doubt that Dean Winchester is hilarious, and I like his humor best when the show plays on his wit instead of trying to make him look dumb. This particular line is a prime example of Dean’s snarktastic wit that is partially responsible for endearing him to us over the years. The line is prompted by Sam’s lighthearted jabs at Dean when Dean is boasting about his Valentine’s Day endeavors that left him sporting a very visible hickey. Over the years Supernatural has been able to perfectly balance its humorous side with its dramatic and increasingly dark storylines, which is part of the reason (along with its two incredible leads and their impeccable talents and charms) that the show has worked so well over the years, even through several cringeworthy plots. Supernatural is at its best when its playing up the love-filled yet snarky banter between the Winchester brothers and I’m glad that it has mostly stuck to that core dynamic even going into its eleventh season. Side note: If that’s what un-showered, sleepy Dean looks like, I never want him to take another shower. But then again, Jensen Ackles could be swimming in a mud pool and covered  in grease and he would still look like a greek god. I digress.


clarke griffin


We’ve been shown that Clarke is manipulative and resourceful. In this episode, Clarke 1.) tried to manipulate Roan into a conspiracy to kill Nia by promising him the position of King of Azgeda; 2.) tried to assassinate Nia with poison on her sleeve (unfoiled by Ontari); 3.) initially refused to stand-down from Lexa’s acceptance of her fate, with a “like hell I do”. She showed her manipulative skills, her perception and her quick understanding of Grounder politics. She may not have been as outwardly badass as Lexa (who is a very close second) in one of the most jaw-dropping fight scenes ever but Clarke’s underhand scheming this entire episode was utterly under appreciated. (Contributed by Nicola Choi)

Honorable Mention: The 100 (Commander Lexa) and Agent Carter (Rose Roberts)

MOST LOVABLE CHARACTER: how to get away with murder

laurel castillo


Shonda Rhimes’ murder-filled drama finally returned from hiatus this week, and boy am I happy to have the lovely Keating 5 back. I feel that through the fast-paced story-lines of the show and its ever-increasing roster of characters, the original main characters outside of Annalise don’t usually get the focus and attention they deserve. Laurel Castillo is probably among the top of the list. Her compassion and genius ability to think very creatively on her feet tends to get overlooked quite often. This episode, we got to see the show explore more of her compassion as she took the blame of shooting Annalise on herself to keep Wes from being shunned even more. Furthermore, she spent most of the episode worrying about Wes and caring for him when he was clearly in a very disheveled state. We even saw her break down crying in front of Frank as she brought up her guilt over not calling Asher the day his father died, which she thinks could have prevented everything they are currently dealing with. Laurel has quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show and I really hope we get to explore more of her character and backstory in the future.

Bad guy of the week: law and order svu/chicago pd

greg yates


This is the second time Yates has made an appearance on an SVU/CPD crossover. He really personifies the creep factor: his first appearance last year, he knew before Rollins that she was pregnant. This go-round he kept asking about her baby, breastfeeding, how she was glowing, etc. CREEPY. Not to mention that his entire serial killer lifestyle is all because he had a bad relationship with his short, brunette, pregnant mother. So all of his victims share those qualities (maybe not all of them were pregnant, though). Det. Lindsay almost made his list of victims, except she’s a BAMF so thankfully that didn’t happen. It’s probably the end for Yates, seeing as how **SPOILER** Lindsay put a bullet in his head when he tried to attack her. (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

BEST KISS: the flash



Fans of the Flash comic have been impatiently waiting for WestAllen to become an item on the CW’s hit superhero show, unfortunately on Earth-1 they’re currently platonic friends. However, when Barry, Cisco and Wells traveled to Earth-2 to rescue Wells daughter, fans were ecstatic to learn that WestAllen were MARRIED! SWOON. On top of that extremely exciting news, the duo shared quite a steamy kiss when Barry visited (CAPTAIN!) Iris at the police station. That’s right Earth-2 Iris is the lady in charge of the Central City police department! More WestAllen kisses please! The chemistry between Candice and Grant was out of this world (no pun intended). 


stiles saves lydia


In a two-episode plot, the McCall Pack attempts to save Lydia from Eichen House and Dr. Valack, who is drilling a hole in her head in hopes it will amplify her banshee powers. Finally, Stiles makes his way to Lydia and tells her to “shut up and let me save your life” when she tries to stop him. With a scream that could be lethal to humans, Stiles puts his life in jeopardy to save Lydia and once they are finally in the safety of Deaton’s animal clinic and Lydia’s hole filled with mistletoe (because everyone knows mistletoe fixes head holes), Stiles looks at Lydia like she is everything important in the world, Lydia looks at Stiles like a hero, and Lydia tells her mom “They saved my life. Stiles saved me.” And Stydia fans rejoiced. (Contributed by Annie Worsman)

MOST EMOTIONAL SCENE: grey’s anatomy

Alex comforts Meredith and she finds out she can hear again


After Meredith is brutally attacked by her patient, she spends countless weeks recovering at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. Her jaw is wired shut, and she’s been unable to hear the doctors due to the injury. After quietly sobbing (and breaking our hearts, because when Mer cries we ALL cry) Alex comes to comfort her. He makes a joke, which turns Mer’s tears into laughter, because Mer can finally hear out of her right ear!! Ellen’s acting in this scene was Emmy worthy to say the least, and we’re still not over all the Alex/Mer feels. We do NOT romantically ship them, but we dare you to find a better male/female friendship currently on TV. 

Honorable Mention: The 100 (Mount Weather memorial scene)

MOST terrifying MOMENT: grey’s anatomy

meredith is attacked by her patient 

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.41.34 PM

We knew it was coming. We saw the previews. We read the news. Yet we were not prepared to view this scene. Grey’s has pushed the limits countless times, but we’ve never been this terrified while watching Shonda Rhimes’ longest running drama. The music, the lighting, the directing, the acting… everything about this scene sent shivers down our spines. It was BONE-CHILLING. And we’re still not over it. During this episode it took Meredith weeks to recover, and we have a feeling it’ll take us weeks to get this scene out of our minds. 


meredith’s kids come to visit but leave 


After the trauma Meredith encountered she deserved a good day. She deserved happiness and joy. When Arizona was helping her cover up the bruises and look presentable we were smiling. We knew this meant Mer was having visitors! Alex brought Meredith’s three kids (was this the first time we’ve seen them all on-screen together? At the same time?) to come visit, and you could feel Meredith’s excitement through the screen. However, once Mer smiled and Zola saw her jaw wires, this happy scene took a devastating turn. Instead of having the comfort and love of her children, Meredith was once again left alone to cry when her children refused to come hug her and say hello. We understand how scared the children must have been, but come on kids your mom deserved a break. She needed that hug. We needed Mer to have that hug. #HUGS4MER 

Honorable Mention: Arrow (Felicity turns her dad in) and The 100 (Monty and Jasper fight)

FUNNIEST SCENE: agent carter

peggy tries to find the key


Agent Carter is to Agents of SHIELD as The Flash was to Arrow. It’s a much more lighthearted, colorful, and friendly show compared to SHIELD’s dark and overall serious tone. It’s a show that allows its characters to goof off and be silly and doesn’t take itself overly seriously while still exploring some pretty meaty issues. This week’s episode provided us with an absolutely hilarious sequence as Peggy attempted to find the key to Roxxon’s weapons repository in Hugh Jones’s office while continuously zapping him to knock him out and wipe his memory of the last few minutes. Not only was it a hilariously edited scene, but it was also perfectly written and executed by both actors. The funniest part of the scene was Hugh reacting in the exact same manner every time he woke up and proceeding to hit on Peggy, while Peggy just rolled her eyes in exasperation.

BEST BUDDY MOMENT: shadowhunters

simon calls jace for help 


Who you gonna call? Jace Wayland. When Simon is locked up by werewolves he calls the one and only person he can think of for help. He calls Jace. Up until this moment Simon had only seen Jace as competition. Someone who was also interested in the girl of his dreams. But, we think this phone call was the start of a beautiful friendship. Plus Jace did come to Simon (ok and Clary’s) rescue! Anyone else want to jump on this mundane/shadowhunter bromance? 

Honorable Mention: Legends of Tomorrow (Sara and Kendra) 


lexa and roan fight


Quite possibly one of my most favorite scenes in television history was on this week’s The 100. I have been waiting months to finally be able to include this gem in the superlatives! As we see more of the earth and Grounders this season, The 100 almost seems to be balancing itself between the sci-fi and medieval fantasy genres, and, in my opinion, doing a fantastic job of it. The Polis part of this episode seemed to be a nod to Game of Thrones, especially the Oberon vs. The Mountain fight scene, as we saw Lexa and Roan fight to the death after the Ice Queen challenged Lexa’s place as the Commander. The fight scene was beautifully choreographed, wonderfully filmed, and impeccably executed by both Alycia Debnam-Carey and Zach McGown (and of course the stunt team), and will go down to be one of the most memorable scenes of television this year. It was a visual treat, and one that I could rewatch over and over again. The icing on top of the glorious fight? The fact that in a jaw-dropping moment, Lexa decided to spear Nia in the chest instead of killing Roan after defeating him. It was truly a great scene and one that I will always remember as one of the show’s best moments. I couldn’t praise it enough if I tried!

Honorable Mention: Arrow (The League street-fight)


oliver betrays malcolm


I have to say, Arrow had me a little worried this week when it seemed that the show and Team Arrow were villanizing Nyssa while making Malcolm seem like the lesser of two evils. This was especially true at the end when Oliver asked Malcolm to challenge Nyssa to a duel, while knowing full well that Nyssa would be defeated and killed as a result. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when Oliver double crossed Malcolm and chose to fight in Nyssa’s  place, thus defeating him and cutting of Malcolm’s hand that bore the R’as al Ghul ring. I was very happy to find out that show hadn’t suddenly forgotten all of Malcolm’s bad deeds and that Oliver was working against him this whole time. It was also a pleasure to see Nyssa claim her rightful place as the next R’as, and in a pleasant twist, decide to disband the league altogether. Good job, Arrow!

Honorable Mention: The 100 (Lexa kills Nia)

CUTEST SCENE: shadowhunters

magnus asks alex out


As far as first date invitations go Shadowhunters hits the target. While sparring with Clary, Alec gets a phone call from Magnus, who is interested in dating the brunette shadowhunter. Alec quickly responds with a yes, before having to hang up on Magnus when Clary runs off. Why’d you have to ruin the moment Clary? WHY?! The smile on Alec’s (Matthew Daddario) face when he realizes it’s Magnus calling almost made up for lack of Harry Shum Jr. in this episode. In the future, MALEC will be going out on a date y’all!!!

Honorable Mention: The Flash (Barry and Cisco geek out over Earth 2)

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 


  1. While I would usually give Clarke all the awards, as she is my favorite character on The 100, this week was by a mile Lexa’s in the badass deparment. Not only because of the EPIC fight scene (MY GOD AND HOW EPIC WAS IT!!!!) but how she handled everything this episode: the no confidence vote, her ”issue the challenge and let’s get on with it” amazing line delivery, her decision to fight for herself ”no one fights for me!’, her calm as she taught her nightbloods one last time (possibly) and made sure they were loyal to skaikru, how she tried to soothe Clarke’s worries with a bit of humor and then a bit of more heated sincerity when Clarke wouldn’t back down, then how she killed Nia and crowned Roan in a brilliant political maneuver and justice for Costia with one blow (or spear). This was all sides of wise, strong, strategic, kickass Heda and I loved every single second of it. It cemented what I already thought. She will go down in history as one of the most badass characters of all time.

    Obviously, I loved seeing my brilliant scheming Clarke back to her good old self *finally!* but this episode, Heda was boos! Both were, the two HEDAS should rule the world quite frankly, LOL

  2. I guess I am one fan not screaming with joy over Iris and Barry. I find them boring. I was screaming at my TV set though because I was irked that Barry was wasting time with Iris instead of doing what he was supposed to be doing. I loved everything else about the episode though.

    On Arrow I have a very bad feeling that Oliver betrayal of Malcolm is going to bite him bad on the butt.

    I totally agree with the award for Agent Carter that entire scene had be laughing so hard. It was delightful.

  3. Barry and Iris definitely had the hottest kiss. Welcome to Earth-2 was such a good episode and I’m still in westallen heaven. I can’t wait for more on tuesday.

  4. Dayyyuuuuummmmm you makin’ me wanna watch Shadowhunters gurl!! Great article and variety of shows as well, lovely to see you write about the Lexa/Roan fight – definite GOT comparisons there – job well done! Cannot WAIT for the next one!!

  5. Love this list i coldnt agree more … Peggy trying to find the key in Agent carter was HILARIOUS, it shows us that the show can have such a light hearted side (it always has to be honest) but this scene honestly had me in fits of laughter. <33333 WestAllen! Also super yes for Clarke Griffin, even though I think Lexa stole the show this episode, for me, you're right – Clarke was under-appreciated. She spent the whole episode scheming, plotting, pleading, manipulating, I thought Lexa was badass as well, and politically as well as fighting, but Clarke was doing all of this underhand, and i think that flew under a lot of peoples radar.

  6. I can’t wait until westallen is official on earth 1 so we get all the kisses. Welcome to earth 2 was amazing and hands down the best ep of season 2 so far!

  7. Barry and Iris’ kiss was definitely the best on TV. It was made better by their awesome interactions throughout the episode. WestAllen sizzles no matter what Earth, Universe, and Timeline they are in. Looking forward to 2×14 tonight, more Badass reporter Iris West and WestAllen in the upcoming episodes. Candice Patton and Grant Gustin are the BEST!!

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