The Continuing Trials of Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy

images (1)Grey’s Anatomy returned from winter hiatus with an episode focusing on the show’s beloved heroine, Meredith Grey.  As viewers know, Meredith has faced a barrage of troubles in her life starting with her mother’s affair with Dr. Richard Webber, which leads to Ellis Grey abandoning her husband and daughter.

When Meredith met and fell in love with Dr. Derek Shepherd, she faced a new set of problems but the couple were able to weather them and hold steadfast to their love. The Grey/Shepherd love story came to an unexpected end last year with Derek’s untimely death from injuries he sustained in a collision with a truck.

In Thursday’s episode, “The Sound of Silence,” Meredith faced a situation that affected her physical well-being and puts her ability to continue as a doctor in jeopardy. She gets attacked by a patient and ends up as a patient herself.

The episode was directed by Academy Award-winning actor, Denzel Washington. And as a first attempt at directing for episodic television, Washington masterfully succeeded in presenting a story rich from all avenues.  Seeing Dr. Meredith Grey as a patient through her eyes was conveyed through many shots.  This must have been terrifying for her and us, the viewers could feel her pain. Meredith at one point in the episode could only watch her colleagues (now her doctors) in action as she had the inability to hear or speak.

For someone like Meredith to be on the opposite end of the doctor/patient relationship had to have been overwhelming for her.  Ellen Pompeo delivered a strong performance that should definitely be considered on a work reel come Emmy nomination time.

Grey’s Anatomy is in its twelfth season but is proving that like fine wine, it only gets better with age.

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