Once Upon A Time: 100th Episode Roundtable “Souls of the Departed”


Once Upon a Time is back on our television screens! It was a long time coming, but oh boy are we in for a hell of a ride (had to put in the pun, #notsorry). Not only was it a return after a three-month hiatus but OUAT came back with a special milestone, the 100th episode! We had a full 99 episodes to binge during the hiatus and now we can indulge in a new arc dedicated to finding and saving our favorite pirate Hook, and taking care of some unfinished business. My fellow Talk Nerdy With Us writer Arlene Allen and I talk about some of our thoughts and opinions of the 100th episode and what might be coming next for our heroes.

For it being the 100th episode, do you think the episode lived up to it’s potential?

Arlene: “No.  It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good episode, but there was nothing done to make it “special”. I think they are going to use the whole part of this season to bring back all of the special people from early on in the show.”

Alexis: “I thought the 100th episode would be a bit more of an ensemble episode showing less flashback and more of the present. I thought it was a great start to 5B and with all the characters having unfinished business with people in the Underworld it will be interesting.”


What was your first impression of the Underworld or Underbrooke?

Arlene: “Creepy, and very orange.”

Alexis: “Definitely different from Storybrooke, but Regina and Robin pointed out that the Underworld had it’s inspiration from Storybook (or the other way around?) so maybe there is more than meets the eye. I definitely feel bad for the actors dealing with all the smoke but that’s what makes the world look so eerie.”

We knew we would be seeing some familiar faces in the Underworld, which guest star were you most excited to see again?

Arlene: “Cruella, of course. I was happy to see Neal, and, of course, Regina’s dad.”

Alexis: “Pan and Cora were by far my favorites to come back again. I guess that they were so unapologetically evil that it made seeing them again so exciting.”

Do you think we will see more familiar faces in the Underworld? Is there a character in particular you would like to see again?

Arlene: “Yes, all throughout the season we’ll see more. I’d love to see Rose McIver come back as Tink.”

Alexis: “This is the Underworld where so many of the people who have died in the past have unfinished business so I think seeing more familiar faces is a big YES. I would love to see Liam Jones again because he was ripped away from Killian so suddenly, so I’m sure there is some unfinished business between them.”

What did you think of Regina’s flashback and how that related or differed to who she is now?

Arlene: “She has come a very long way. She has become her own person, listening to what she knows is right inside her, rather than Cora’s or the Dark One’s pawn.”

Alexis: “I think Regina has come a long way in being a better person in the present and not letting anyone fuel her anger. She makes her own choices, however, she has killed many people who I’m sure have unfinished business with her and I hope she can acknowledge that and make things right.”

How did you react to the scenes with Regina and her father? They were quite emotional.

Arlene: “I cried. My daughter cried. It was a beautiful moment.”

Alexis: “That moment was a long time coming for Regina and Henry Sr. and I’m glad they both got that closure.”

Where do you think Killian is? Do you think it will be a while before the group finds him?

Arlene: “I have no idea where Killian is. He must have lots of unfinished business. It’s going to be awhile before we see him again.”

Alexis: “I think Hades is keeping him hostage and I think fans may see him again sooner than we think. Judging by how he looked, I hope Emma and everyone will be able to find him before Hades does anything worse.”

Emma said that she plans to split her heart with Killian. Do you think that her plan will work or will another plan have to take place?

Arlene: “I think that would be romantic and it worked once. I’m not sure it’s going to work this time. I hope something does.”

Alexis: “This would be a dream of mine because they would once again be paralleling the ultimate true love couple, Snowing. Alas, I think there will be an alternative plan just as long as Killian is back in the land of the living and safe, I’m happy.”

What was your reaction when realizing Cora was trying to protect Regina from Hades? Has having her heart back in her chest make Cora more vulnerable?

Arlene: “I think it was noble.  But she underestimates her daughter. It seems to be so on the surface, but I don’t trust Cora as far as I could throw her.”

Alexis: “I think Cora having her heart back did change her view on emotion and how much she loved her daughter and regretted her choices in life. Seeing her try to protect Regina by sending her off made it seem that this the mother that Regina, and even Zelena should have had all along. A mother who would protect her children. Sure, I still don’t trust her but who knows if she has anything up her sleeve.”

We saw that Rumple wasn’t exactly being a team player; Do you think he will be a wild card on this mission or does he have another scheme planned?

Arlene: “Yes, and yes. When does he not ever have another scheme in mind? One thing I think is he has been to the Underworld before, and he is scared.  He’ll bail first chance he gets.”

Alexis: “Rumple is out for himself and I’m sure that being in the Underworld isn’t the greatest place to be for him. He’s always two steps ahead and I’m sure he’s going to face a lot of demons so if there’s a deal to be made I’m sure he will jump at the chance.”

Operation Firebird has taken place. Do you like the idea of the group trying to save the souls of the Underworld? Do you think there will be serious repercussions? Or should they only focus on one task, which is to save Killian?

Arlene: “They are going to be the good people they are. No soul left behind so to speak. The natures of the others, and even Emma’s own good nature won’t leave others suffering, even if it takes longer to get to Killian.”

Alexis: “I think saving ALL of the souls is pretty ambitious but this is a story about hope. However, there are villains down in the Underworld, so would they want to be saved? I hope that the task to save Killian is still a top priority but once everyone is together the saving of souls may be done a lot faster.”

We finally met the man himself, Hades. What was your first impression of him (Are we digging the blue hair?) What do you think he’ll bring to this second half of the season?

Arlene: “Can I say this?  He’s a scary douche but the blue hair rocks. I think he’ll bring Pain and panic (haha), discord, disagreeability, threats, challenges. True to mythology Emma might have to complete three quests to get her loved one back.”

Alexis: “Hades is calm and menacing and I think that makes him all the more dangerous. I’m excited to see what he will bring to the season going forward and interested to know what his plan is (if he even has one). The blue hair? I actually like it, I just hope he doesn’t get angry too often”

What are you looking forward to most this season? What might you want to happen going forward?

Arlene: “EMMA and KILLIAN kiss again!!!! A bigger role for Henry, more with Zelena and her baby, a baby for Rumbelle.”

Alexis: “All the heroes seeing their loved ones again and hopefully helping them move on to their better place. Of course, I need my Captain Swan lovefest and Killian back with the living and I would love to see family bonding because now everyone is so much more united than in Season 3 where everyone needed to save Henry. The characters and their relationships with each other have grown and evolved so it will be great to see real teamwork with them as a family.”

I want to thank Arlene for her input on this huge milestone and cheers to all the #Oncers for 100 episodes!! You can follow Arlene at @sleepingkoala45 and myself at @alexis_nav26.

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.


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