Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly Superlative Awards (March 13th-19th)


BEST ONE-LINER: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Can you give me a hand?” –Coulson

Coulson and Talbot are handcuffed together and trying to run away from Hydra. Coulson, being one-handed and all now, asks Talbot to grab his prosthetic hand from the table while they escape. (Contributed by Jenni Bradley).


Kara Danvers/Zor-El

Supergirl’s exposure to red Kryptonite turned her into a badass for sure, both in and out of costume. She gained the confidence that she had been lacking all season, and it showed just what she is capable of. Sure, she went a little crazy, but it was all very badass. I mean, dropping Kat Grant off the top of a building then catching her inches from the ground? Bad. Ass. (Contributed by AJ Mullican)

Honorable mention: Scandal (Abby Whelan)

BAD GUY OF THE WEEK: The Outsiders

Big Foster

We all knew Big Foster was violent, mean and petty, and he had already tried to kill his mother, the clan leader, so he could take her place. This week he finally succeeded, after manipulating his son into covering for him. He held his mother down in the bath with his foot, watching her heartlessly drown. He’s already proven himself to be a questionable leader, not willing to abide by tradition, and in another vicious move forces his son’s fiancee into accepting a marriage proposal from himself. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)


Dr. Hugo Strange

He’s supposed to be curing the criminally insane of Arkham Asylum, but instead, he tortures them with electroshock, mind games,  and mind control.  He advised one patient to “see no evil” and the man clawed his own eyes out.  We also find out that Dr. Strange is also behind the “research” at Indian Hill, where he has “decommissioned” villains preserved in giant chemical tanks. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

BEST KISS: Shadowhunters

Clary and Alternate Dimension Jace

Clary had a mission to fulfill, but the safety and normalcy of a mundane Jace and a world with no demons and no shadowhunters proved hard to ignore. It was kind of everything she wanted – just the two of them in their own universe, being together, no supernatural danger or distractions, even as each passionate kiss pulled her dangerously away from her real life. And with what’s on the cards for them in coming episodes, Clary is going to wish she’d never come home. (Contributed by Sam Pedley)


Alex crying/breaking down in front of Ryan after Natalie is murdered

Let us start by saying Priyanka Chopra is incredible. Her acting on Quantico continues to woo viewers. Alex (correctly) believes Elias didn’t act alone while Ryan believes he did. When these two get along the chemistry is electrifying and when they’re at odds the tension is palpable through the screen. Fans of the couple have been emotional since their break up at Quantico. And we bared witness to the most emotional scene these two have shared in Sunday’s episode, “Clear”. After Natalie is killed, Alex runs to Ryan. She’s just witnessed her only ally blow up and she needs comfort. She needs help. She needs Ryan. Fans found themselves needing tissues. Lots and lots of tissues.


Quentin, Alice, and Elliot, trapped in the old haunted Pulver house

Thanks to Penny, the group travels to England to search for another copy of the mysterious, never published sixth Fillory book. Jane had given one copy to Quentin, which a cynical Penny thoughtlessly destroyed.  They join a tour group on its trip through the late author’s house, all three of them getting very disturbing vibes.  The nanny poisons the little girl and Alice (Penny smartly ditched his tea), and when Alice wakes up they are tied to the chair.  Meanwhile, Quentin is warned to get out of the house, fast – and the next time we see the tour guide his throat is cut and lips sewn shut.  Alice and Quentin witness jolly author Pulver make child porn with the youngest boy; the little girl ends up smashed against a wall.  It is pure evil, and grisly and changes everything we know about Fillory. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)


Evil Supergirl

Watching “evil” Supergirl mock James’ feelings for her and taunting him with Lucy’s loss is so awful, knowing how much James loves Kara and how much he has sacrificed for her.  The expressions on James’ face while she’s spewing her venom are crushing. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)


Snow White’s reunion with Hercules

It turns out that young Snow had met young Hercules while trying to protect a poor village from Regina’s greedy thugs.  Hercules, it turns out, was the one who taught Snow how to fight, and they succeed in running the thugs out of time.  Mary Margaret is surprised to meet Hercules in the Underworld, and she is now able to help Herc defeat the three-headed Cerebus.  She reclaims the name Snow White, Hercules’ business is finished, and then so is Megara’s, as she was held prisoner until Herc completed his task.  So technically, OUAT gave us two reunions! (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

BEST BUDDY MOMENT: Shadowhunters

Simon and Luke convince ned fisk that luke is not the demonic killer

One of the many adorable things to come out of Tuesday’s episode was the fun, tag-team dynamic between Vampire-In-Training Simon and Werewolf-Pack-Alpha Luke. Not only did they blatantly ignore the fact that they’re supposed to be enemies in a room of leering, growling Werewolves, but Simon literally played dead after hamming up the role of the ‘Demonic Killer’ in order to help Luke out of his Internal Affairs jam. Being supernatural creatures on opposite sides of an age-old rivalry doesn’t faze these two at all, and a Werewolf detective with his Vampire pal? Surely that’s worthy of its own show. (Contributed by Sam Pedley)


The dirty cop who shot Malcolm turns out to be none other than Chloe’s estranged husband, Detective Douche

Last week thanks to Amenadiel, Malcolm awakes from his coma.  Little pieces of the puzzle start to form in both Malcolm’s mind and Chloe’s, as she notices that her ex suddenly has more money and more time to spend with Trixie. I certainly would hate to see what Lucifer will do if he finds out Douche’s secret. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)


Daisy & Lincoln

The newest Inhuman couple have a night off from saving the world and spend their alone time sparring. (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

Honorable mention: Shadowhunters (Simon telling Clary he’s going to ask Isabelle to move in with him)


Natalie Dying

Every episode of Quantico can be qualified as suspenseful, but this week’s episode takes the cake because it ended with fans saying goodbye to one of their favorite recruits. From the beginning of “Clear” Natalie’s life was in danger. She had a bomb attached to her. Fans weren’t sure if she’d survive, however, after doing what the terrorists asked Alex and Natalie were able to safely remove the bomb. Natalie was safe. Natalie was alive. At least, that’s what we thought. We were SO wrong. After finding the terrorist’s hideout, Natalie was killed in an explosion. #RIPNatalie. You will be missed, Anabelle Acosta!

Honorable mention: Shadowhunters (Jace Wayland’s father is ALIVE)

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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